How To Make Your Small Bathroom Look And Feel Bigger

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A Simply Beautiful Bathroom Makeover. Source: Pinterest

A bigger bathroom is what we always dream of having in our home. We want to have a large space for our shower, toilet room, bathtub, and sinks. But sometimes, we cannot always have what we want. 

Whether we live in our dream or not, there are ways on how to make a small bathroom large by employing some techniques to make space look larger. Using visual tricks, essential fixtures, and colors, combining all of them could live up to your bathroom’s full potential. 

These tips are the best if used properly. Now let’s start learning the strategies to make our bathroom larger. 

Go For White

To give your bathroom a larger look, white is a perfect choice. For your tiles, walls, vanity, or furniture, white makes the place bigger. The light coming from outside can be reflected by any white materials in your bathroom, rather than absorbing it.

When remodeling your bathroom, do not hesitate to use white in some parts when you think that you have a white tub or sink already. Giving a full white color makes the place seamless and pleasing to the eye.

If you think that making your bathroom all white is plain and lacking character, you can have other accents like metallic, woods, or green plants to add a different vibe in your space. 

Neutral and Light Colors

Earthy Neutral Bathroom Décor. Source: Pinterest

Are you not a fan of full white? That is okay. You can still get a larger looking bathroom using neutral colors like beige, soft grays, or even light colors like sky blue, powder blue and light pink. 

You can get a sophisticated tile and find a paint color that would match well. Using these colors will make the place look chic like you are in some luxurious place. 

Moreover, hiring a home improvement company for your bathroom or kitchen can also help you choose the design you want to achieve. When you are not sure what is best for your bathroom, ask their designers to make your bathroom layout as easy as possible. 

Less Is More

Vanity takes a big space to your bathroom when you go for medium or large size. If you have a small bathroom, using a small vanity creates more negative space. By this, your bathroom will feel less stuffed and you more room to move around. 

Apply Bright Lighting 

Good lighting makes the space look big and open. When choosing the bathroom’s lighting, it is important to know that lights help you with your daily routine like when you wash, shave, and do makeup on your face. 

Especially without natural light coming in, putting lights in different directions makes the place brighter. For a small powder room, try changing the ceiling lights with multiple bulbs to add brightness to the place.

Have A Large Mirror

Source: Pinterest

A large mirror creates a visual trick to your space, thus giving a bigger look. Although the large mirror is expensive, it is cheaper when you choose to tile your wall. 

You can go for a curvy mirror to give your bathroom a little dramatic look or have it framed to look more stylish. If you aim for a different design in your mirror, you can have it customized to fit your space’s interior. 

Use A Glass Panel

Get rid of your shower curtains and replace them with a glass panel to see everything in your bathroom. With a shower curtain, it divides the look of your space, creating a smaller view. 

If you prefer for some privacy in your shower, you can use a tinted glass panel that will not create a division in your place but still will allow light to come in your shower. 

When you want to renovate your bathroom and prefer a shower than a bath, you can remove the bulky tub that takes most of your bathroom’s space.  

Add A Floating Vanity

Consider adding a floating vanity to a small bathroom. It gives you a place to put your essentials and provides a space to breathe with a floor peeking below. With a tight space, having a little room makes the area open and freer. 

Have An Open Niche

A more open space can be achieved by adding an open niche to your wall. If you are not into bulky cabinets in your bathroom, this is a good idea. Having this adds visual depth to the place and more room without any protruding view in our eyes.

Remember that adding this open niche needs professional contractors to securely check if having this niche is safe for your walls.


The goal is to make your bathroom look and feel bigger. The tips are here to help you have an idea of how to see the potential your small bathroom can offer fully. The proper application of the tips can help you somehow achieve and enjoy your dream.


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