Easy-to-do Ways of Putting Gallery Walls Inside the House

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When it comes to designing the interior of the house, one of the safest and great way to make it look aesthetically pleasant is to put up gallery walls. These are like a collage of frames or paintings which can be in line with your house’s interiors or the one who gives a pop of color.

Through these gallery walls, people may be able to know who you are as a person. This is where you can express yourself through the artworks and symbolisms that you love. If you will going to compare this with painting, this one’s much easier to do. Below are the ways on how you can come up with a great gallery wall inside your house.

Choose color scheme

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There are a lot of colors out there, what shade or tint do you want to be superior? If you are the kind of person who aims for a perfect Instagram feed, you can also use that skills of yours. You may be able to know what are the main colors you will be using. For example, you want a minimalist design; you can stick with black, white and gray colors.

Sizes of the frames

Always remember that you are free to explore and use any sizes of frames. But, you need to make sure if it is well-coordinated. For example, you couldn’t just put a huge circular frame then put some rectangular ones on the side without even ensuring if it looks good. According to Spruce, “the key is in finding the places where you can be consistent and using that to connect all of your disparate pieces.”

Know gallery wall ideas

In some cases, gallery walls aren’t only hanging frames on your walls. Sometimes, you can use a shelf then have the frames leaning against the wall, similar to your picture frames. It might not be a frame or an ordinary ornament. What’s important is you know how to make it look balanced and not scattered.

Take your time to view these frames that you may be able to have some idea of what kind of wall accents you may use for your gallery wall.

Pink gallery wall


Rose gallery wall


Abstract gallery wall


Kitchen gallery wall


Neon gallery wall


Animals gallery wall


Sea creatures gallery wall


Gold gallery wall


Images source: Desenio

As a homeowner, you are given the right to choose what kind of designs you want for your gallery wall. You can keep in metallic if you want to pair it with your metallic home accessories. If you want to keep it simple, just focus on one color to keep the balance of the frames. However, if you want to be adventurous you can pick any sizes and shapes of the frame that you like.

Play with colors and designs

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Go with different wall accents

Image source: Little Kokomo



Plan your own design and peg when it comes to your gallery wall. You may keep it simple or extravagant, your choice. The most important thing about having the gallery wall is you know that it is about you. You can also try adding some variation with panel wall arts

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