Wall Paint vs. Wallpaper

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Know the difference between wall paint and wallpaper to decide which one suits your needs best.

We all love to do our home and add a touch of our taste to every corner of the place, but the hard part is to make the best decision in terms of longevity, aesthetics, sustainability, and pricing. One such difficulty is to choose between wallpaper and paint and which ones help complement oil paintings from photos.

Wallpapers provide greater versatility in styles than conventional paintings. But with markets filled with a range of color styles, be they stripes or other trends, making the right decision has become much harder.

What is wallpaper?

Wallpapers are an increasingly common design choice today, especially with canvas picture paintings. With the re-emergence of this incredibly flexible, articulate wall covering alternative, wallpaper material innovations are emerging. Gone are days of annoying wallpaper that’s hard to mount and much harder to erase. Today you will appreciate a range of materials that are easy to mount and uninstall. You should pick the right style and content for the space you’re outfitting and the one that suits your design preferences and your custom oil paintings from photos.

What is wall paint?

It is a classic alternative and usually the simplest one to enforce. Almost anybody can do painting, it’s easy to change, and it can be very affordable. All of these reasons have driven many clients to choose paint as their critical wall finish. Especially if your client has children, they are likely to change the bedroom’s wall colors or have any damage to the walls even by adding a canvas portrait.

Paint, on the other hand, can also be a heavy job to handle. When you deal with dark paints, you need to be strategic about how the paint is applied. That is, your dark red basement is going to be a significant project if you plan to turn to a lighter color in the future! Plus, paint can be quickly rubbed and chipped. You can set it, but matching the hue can be difficult, especially if you’ve hanged canvas picture paintings – even for the most accomplished interior decorator.

Factors To Remember in Making Your Decision

Let’s equate the two with various parameters.


Between the two, paint is the more straightforward and less fussy choice for Indian walls. A day or two is going to be enough for a paint job for a standard size room. Stained walls are also very welcoming of younger, incoming paint coats of the same color. If you don’t have a washed-out surface in most situations, you can add a fresh paint coat to the older one, even with a canvas portrait.

Wallpaper application works better dealt with by a professional. The method is elaborate and takes a lot of time and flexibility. The same applies to stripping the wallpaper from your wall, too. You cannot add a new wallpaper layer on top of the current wallpaper layer, especially if you want it to match the custom oil paintings from photos.


You can tailor bathrooms and cloakrooms designed to be innovative. If there is a color or a print that you love but are too afraid to use in a large area, such as a living room, the downstairs loo or the bathroom sign wall will provide the ideal place for a splurge of color or wallpaper style.

Modern wallpaper is relatively robust but is not ideal for high-humidity rooms, such as kitchens and bathrooms. Wallpaper has a propensity to peel away from the wall in damp environments. It is possible to cover broken parts, but it is impossible to get a decent match even though you have additional rolls for the initial sample so that the sunshine will fade the paper in the residual areas. In certain instances, the whole room/wall would need to be re-papered to produce an impeccable appearance that matches your canvas picture paintings.


While the exact cost depends on the brand and the quality of the product selected, wallpaper is much more costly than paint. However, there are cheaper wallpaper alternatives, but they do not have the same impact as a high-quality product. The amount of supplies needed by a painting is often limited relative to a wallpaper that requires glue and other materials.

However, wallpaper lasts longer than paint and can thus be considered a cheaper choice, in the long run, considering the high initial cost after having all the custom oil paintings from photos you plan to hang.


Strong quality paint on the walls, well painted, will last up to five years. That said, the paint continues to rust and fade in places of high use and exposure to sunlight. Retouching would therefore take three years or so – it may be much faster with lighter pigment paints.

Wallpaper, on the other hand, would be your long-term companion. Experts claim that a one-time application on Indian walls will last for around 15 years. Wallpaper is not resistant to tearing, though. Any mishap means that you will have to redo the entire stripping and pasting process, which is more time-consuming than re-painting, especially after you set up a canvas portrait.


Completely wallpapered rooms are coming back. It started with the feature wall, and now the wallpaper is back on the bandwagon. This renaissance has ensured that there are now countless colors, designs, and textures on the high street. Developments of digital printing have also reduced the expense of personalized designs, with customized images now used as wallpaper.

Stripes never date and can enhance the appearance of space sizes, such as horizontal stripes may make the room look larger when vertical stripes make the ceilings appear bigger. More recent designs include Farrow and Ball’s Leopard Print Paper, called Ocelot, which looks far more remarkable than it sounds.

The marvelous world of wall finishing is expansive and versatile. If you prefer wallpaper or paint, either one of these choices will give your home a subtle or bold color and character. Try paintable wallpaper or stick with wash or wallpaper for the appeal of both. The choice is yours, and that’s why home decor like a canvas portrait is so exciting!

Freshome readers, what are the ends you used on your walls? Can the thought of designing your projects using paint or wallpaper terrify or excite you? Let us know that!

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