Give House a Unique Twist: Chair Designs You Need to Know

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Millennials nowadays want everything to be fresh in their eyes. If you are a parent and you have a teenager living with you, take time to read this article to know that things that your youngster might giddy to see. Bringing change in your house won’t hurt and keeping the designs for your house may make your place a bit boring.  

Your kids might want some identity when it comes to the chairs they have in the dining table. Having similar chairs can be a bit boring. There are no rules about the prohibition of having different chairs. In reality, it can be exciting for your kids and can be one of the reasons why they love to be in the dining area.  

Aside from the chairs in your dining table, those usual chairs in the bedrooms can also be changed. The cushion seats, armchair, and the one you can see on the study table. These are the things that you can search that can give your house a unique twist just like how you had a fancy home with velvet.

Celestially inspired chair

If you noticed, almost everything is circular. You can also see how it resembles the orbit and the planets that. The orbit is the goldish metal that supports the cushion which is similar to the planet.

Image Source: dezeen

Curvy chair

There are different variants of this chair, depends on what design you want it to be. Buyers can choose between wood or steel as the material used.

Image Source: trendir

Geometrical chair

This pink and violet chair is composed of squares that are linked together. If you have a girly daughter who loves pink, this can be a great chair for her.

Image Source: g-freerd

Challenging seat design

The first time you will see this chair you will think that this is similar to a musical clef. It can be used to correct the posture of your kids when it comes to sitting down.

Image Source: iloboyou


Have you seen the usual small letter a? This is the reason why this chair is called a-chair because it is similar to the said letter.

Image Source: dezeen

Ghost chair

This one is the most interesting among the other chairs listed. However, for those who don’t like the idea of the ghost, do yourself a favor and don’t buy this. It’s for your safety or else you may experience a nervous or panic attack. 

ghost chair
Image Source: designswan

Octopus chair

If your child like the idea of living under the sea, you can buy this one for him or her. However, there are some cons, and one of it is it can cause minor accidents such as stumbling down if a person was not aware of the tentacles below. You can put a warning sign to avoid incidents like that.  

Image Source: hometone

Peacock inspired chair

When the peacock flaunts its feather, you can notice that it can look similar to the chairs below. Just like how colorful the peacock is, it also comes with colors of your choice.  

peacock-inspired chairs
Image Source: designswan

Quartz armchair

If you are looking for a chair that can be a bit educational to your kid, you can make this kind of chair as one of your choices. Quartz armchair is like a puzzle wherein you need to make sure that each of the shapes needs to match with the other one.

Image Source: designswan

Fade out chair

Is it possible to see chairs that will make you look elevated? Yes, you can. With this fade out chair, you can help achieve the dream of your kid to fly, even if it’s a more of a work of illusion.

fade-out chair
Image Source: designswan

Looking for the right chairs for your family can be a bit difficult. However, creativity is never-ending. Why don’t you discuss with your kids and plan a good concept for your chairs? You can ask for their suggestions and ideas if what kind of designs or styles they want for a chair. Work together as a family to get a good aesthetic of your furniture.  

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