Want to Have a Trendy Wall Finishing? Know the Types

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Nowadays, when it comes to the interior of your house, you don’t only need to choose the design that you want. At the same time, it reflects your personality. Having a plain, boring wall can create an impact on other people. In some cases, it might affect how they do their work and their mood. Just to make it clear, this is not just colors, but design in general. Like your wall finishing.  

If you are planning to change your wall finishing, what important are you know the kinds of finishing you want for your wall. Every day, there are trends that keeps on changing. However, there are trends that stay. One of those trends is the wall finishing. Below are the examples of wall covering that you may want to add to your home.

Wall finishing #1: Wallpaper

Image Source: DIY Network

Even if you are not an expert in home and interior designing, you have some knowledge about this type. Since this is one of the most famous walls finishing that people would love to have on their walls. Wallpapers are mostly made of paper or in some cases, you can use the one with water resistance. These are different from wall decals.

Wall finishing #2: Crocodile skin

Image Source: DIY Network

No, it’s not similar to those designer bags that you like. The skin is not the ones you can get from crocodiles. Its design is close to the texture of the crocodile skin but again, it’s not crocodile skin but the paper version of it.

Wall finishing #3: Wood Veneer

Image Source: Jeb Architectural Finishes

To those who don’t know what is a wood veneer, it is a thin layer of wood that was cut from a log. According to Deco Span, “Wood veneer is mainly used for interior decoration applications in many different segments. It’s ideal for residential projects, hotel projects, offices and many more. In addition, the veneer is also processed to create a variety of products.”

Wall finishing #4: Stencil

Image Source: bella-tucker

Wanting to take your wallpaper to the next level? You may use the stencil. You may transfer the design to a wall with the application of the product or paint. Never over-design or else you will end up not getting a good design for your wall.

Wall finishing #5: Personalize

Since it’s your house, you have the power to do anything about it. There are other ways you can bring design to your home. You can have a mix of any materials that you want. As long as it suits the design of your house. However, it’s not recommended that you need to make it suited to the concept of the interiors.

Here are some of the materials that you may want to use, as stated in DIY Network: braided hemp, metallic, glass bead, mother-of-pearl, stitched puzzle, metal trapezoids. Choose the type of wall finishing according to your budget. If you think that your money is not enough yet, you can choose the cheaper one. But, keep in mind that you still need to pay attention to the quality.


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