On A Strict Budget: Cheap Ways on How to Remodel Your Living Room

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The living room is one of the most important parts of the house since it is where you gather together. It is also the place where you could have a conversation with your visitors. What if you’re tired of being in the same old design of your living room? But, the problem is, you are on a strict budget.

Remodelling your home doesn’t need to be expensive. You can go cheap but chic in just a snap. What you actually need in terms of decorating is your creativity and a little bit of inspiration. Money might be an extra point but it will always be about how would you plan it so it will be enough for your budget.

a limited budget doesn’t limit how would your mind work. Here are simple ways where you can remodel your living room even though you are on a strict budget.

Assess the situation

Look at your living room. What are the things that needed to be fixed? Do you need to buy new furniture? Roam around the room before you think of having a list of furniture that you need. Do not just pinpoint what you want for your living room. You must know what your living room needs.

Another thing to assess is the budget that you have saved for the remodeling. If the money that you have is not enough, the whole process will possibly fail. You might end up not finishing the whole task of redesigning your living room or you will use all your savings for it. 

Find a doable inspiration

There are so many room decorations that you could find online. One of the factors that make your home improvement pricey because some inspirations involve difficult steps that you need to hire a professional to help you. Seeking a help from professional can lessen the time you’ll spend but you need to pay them, which is pretty much expensive than your effort.

If you’re thinking of rearranging your place, you can use this basic infographic to master the right placement of each furniture.

doable inspirationSources: homedit

You can incorporate a new color palette similar to these:

  color palletteSource: hgtv

You can stick with one color just like in the photos below:

one color   Sources: interiorholic | betterhomeandgarden

These inspirations will serve as your basis on what kind of decoration will you put and layout will you going to use. If it’s kind of hard for you, think of other options that are much easier than the one on the photos. Learn some do-it-yourself crafts–which will be discussed later on.

When you already have an inspiration for the new design of the living room, you may now proceed to the next step.

Re-purpose old furniture

Imagine your house as a shopping mall but everything’s for free. After finalizing the mood that you will be embracing, look for old stuff that you could still use as decors. You don’t need to buy new decorations just to make your living room look new. Maybe that small table in your bedroom is not in use anymore, why don’t you transfer it to the living room?

Re-purpose the furniture that you no longer use in your dining and kitchen area. You might also try to have it re-design that it will suit the theme that you want to achieve. You have a lot of furniture that was broken and are not in use anymore, you might try following how designers turned the old things into new furniture in these photos.

old furniture   Source: diyncrafts

Don’t think that broken things are useless. If you want to ask why it’s simply because there’s beauty in brokenness. No matter how damaged a furniture is, if you are creative enough to turn it into a masterpiece, you’ll realize that not everything that you have dumped should end up as trash.  

Apply personal touch

It can be anything that is connected to you. For example, the collection of thing that you want to showcase to others. May it be books, albums, paintings, or mirrors. You can use these to beautify your living room. You just need to choose the right place where you can put your collections.

It can be more personal if you will going to use your own photos. Look at how these two different living rooms gave a different vibe just by seeing the photos that they used. The first one will give you a hint that a family is living in that home while on the second one, it is probably owned by a lady who lives alone.

personal touch   Sources: housetohome | sheerluxe

One of the questions that you might ask, what is the right way of arranging the picture frame to make it look balanced and proportional? Simply follow the instructions that can be seen in the infographics below.

frame inspirationSource: hometalk

Invest in multi-purpose furniture

You don’t only save money but you will also save spaces. If you’re living in a house that is not spacious enough, this kind of furniture is what you need. It’s considered as a must have since in this era, people tend to be in rush and would love to purchase things that are hard to maintain.

The multi-purpose furniture is good when you are saving the spaces of your living room. Since your target room is where the family stays for some entertainment and little recreation. There will be enough room for your loved ones to get along well in an activity.

Here are some of the examples of modular furniture that you might want to add on the home decor that you will use on the new design of your living room:

multipurpose furniture   Sources: lakbermagazin | resourcefurniture

Buy quality over quantity

It’s impossible that you won’t buy a thing when you’re remodeling your living room. Being on a strict budget doesn’t necessarily mean that you will purchase cheaper products. You still need to make sure that the price is worth the quality of the decors. If you will buy inexpensive things, there is no assurance that it’s of good quality.

If you will going to buy products according to quality, there will be lesser chances that you will always replace it. If you will visit the furniture store, there are a lot of options that you could choose but the thing is, are you sure that it will be useful for you or you’re just wasting your money?

Spending lesser money for more product saves you more money. This has been what we believe that could help us in terms of budgeting. In reality, it’s not. For example, you bought a furniture, it’s so cheap and you can even avail a pair of it for the price of one. It’s a great deal, right? After a month of buying it, you noticed some defects. Since it’s a need to your living room, you end up purchasing a new set.

This is how important quality is. You will save more money if you will focus on buying furniture that lasts longer.

When you are planning on how to remodel your living room, you need to be creative. You need to pay attention to every detail that you will put in every home decors. If you have the right creativity, you will end up turning the furniture that you no longer need a new furniture by recreating its use.

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