A Step-by-Step Guide to Hanging A Multi-Panel Wall Art

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Learn everything you need to about hanging a wall art in your home using this complete guide.

Showing canvas wall art in creative and thrilling forms is nothing new. 

This multi-panel wall art is the first one that we think long and hard of before making a purchase. Although there are many multi-panel wall art out there, there’s absolutely none you might think of as a technical product. None, in particular, that a talented photographer might bring to his clients while being confident and proud of his artistry. 

Multi-panel wall art is often available in three carefully chosen formats. You will notice that each panel is on authentic photo paper. Companies even add a canvas impact coating on custom wall art before wrapping it around a solid block of wood. 

Since it is multi-paneled, dividing each segment to perfection is a must. The company you purchase your multi-panel wall art does all of this intelligent calculation for you through intuitive websites, so you don’t need to do any job. A split hanging device is then added, providing an off-the-wall appearance, a delicate drop shadow, and no one is as smart as to how it’s hung.

Many will agree that the multi-panel wall art is perfect for any wall element in both domestic and commercial properties. It provides your space with an elegant piece of wall decor and gives you a chance to get more creative when choosing your next multi-panel art piece.

However, hanging a multi-panel wall art does give you more internal debate among yourself whether or not it’s straight. Never fret, for we have a detailed guide to help you get through it!

Step #1: Make sure you have prepared all your materials.

First, you’ve got to plan the supplies you’re going to use. In this case, you would require a tape measure, double-sided tape, level measurement, and a handy-dandy pencil. Any of these things are available in your home. If you don’t, you can buy them at the closest supermarket. When buying double-sided tape, make sure it’s thick enough to hold the wall’s art when you hang it on the wall.

Step #2: Get accurate measurements; start with the middle panel.

After collecting all the components, you can now calculate the print size of the middle item. It will encourage you to hang your wall art in the right spot on the wall. Record the calculation and use it as a reference later on as we continue. Proper estimation is fundamental. Ensure you have the correct number because it’ll be quick for you to hang the wall art later.

Step #3: Start sticking tapes to the back of your panels.

Stick the double-sided tape to the back of the canvas. Remember to place the tapes on every corner of the wall art to make sure it sticks well to the wall. It is a crucial way to use adhesive tape to hang the wall decor. You don’t need to insert screws or nails on the wall. You would not do any harm to the wall in this manner. In reality, you can hang a canvas art using these tapes.

Step #4: Make a mark where you want to place the middle panel.

The height of the building will mean the surface of the wall horizontally or vertically. It also controls the height of your job and is ideally suited to setting and calculating heights. Draw a line using a pencil where you intend to position the center section of your multi-panel wall art canvas. And sure, you draw a line on the sides, too.

Step #5: Hang the panels up by starting with the inner panel pieces.

Now that you’ve done painting on your wall, it’s time to hang your multi-panel wall art canvas. Start by hanging the middle piece where you traced the line. Press the canvas tightly to make it adhere to the surface. Then work your way to its outer panel pieces.

Step #6: Label the bottom part of the next piece and repeat the process.

The next move is to weigh the bottom of the next piece of canvas four inches below the middle canvas. It is going to act as a reference to the following items you’re about to hang. Measure each side and repeat the procedure until you hang all the multi-panel wall art canvas on the wall. However, before going through all the hanging, you need to plan the following few areas to place your multi-panel wall art.

Multi-panel wall art is creating noise in the home decor community. There are days when people hang a single panel canvas on a wide wall, and it always seems sort of wrong. With multi-panel wall decor, you can fill vast spaces with a dramatic effect. It would leave a remarkable impact on your home for sure.

There are several ways you can build your home with multi-panel wall art decor. You might want to see some pre-and post-project updates, so you can see the extraordinary changes that multi-panel wall art canvas makes to your place.

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