Staycation 24/7: Add Elements of Modern Farmhouse and Beach house Design on Your Home

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If you’re longing for the atmosphere that only farm and beach houses could give, maybe some home improvement could help you with that. You don’t actually need to go to your grandparent’s old house just to feel the atmosphere of it. Staying in a resort can also be a bit expensive if you want to have a taste of it.

Redesigning your home can also be expensive but unlike in the said situations, you can enjoy the vibes as long as you like without anyone interrupting your stay–since it’s your home.  

What are you supposed to do? Follow these simple steps to achieve the farmhouse and beach house look that you’ve been wanted.

Pick a design that suits your home

What type of house do you have? Is it a condominium? An apartment? Is it a single-story or a family home? If you have already know what it is, you can now start planning and conceptualize the new design of your house according to how would it look like.  

wooden kitchenwooden living roomSources: decoracion.facilisimo | remodelaholic

blue living roombeach hammockSources: gardenhomegallery | we-are-scout

Have you noticed the differences between the two? A Farmhouse is often designed with neutral colors while the beach house is more of a mixture of white and blue. These are just two of the popular concept that you might want to use as an inspiration for your next home improvement.

Farmhouse: Vintage crocks & baskets

vintage crocksold basketsSources: decorology | etsy

Crocks and baskets can add to the vibes that can be felt inside the farmhouse. You can use the vintage crocks as your spoon and fork holders or a container that holds your condiments. The baskets can be used as a decor that hangs on the wall. Like what you can see in the second photo, you can also make it as your plant’s holder.

Beach house: Antique artworks

sea paintingbeach framesSources: thefoxandshe | dorisleslieblau

Hang some frames with photos of the ocean or anything that is related to the beach. Similar to the first and second photo, if your wall is white, you can use the photos of the sea your the design of the wall. It will give you a minimalist vibe and won’t look like you have just stack it.

Farmhouse: Use neutral linens

neutral bedsheetssimple living roomSources: shirefire | homebnc

Farmhouses are known for its simplicity but comfy atmosphere. Since farmhouses are neither cold nor warm, the best colors that you may use are the neutral colors. Aside from this, this color can be a good option if you have a spacious place. These are considered as earth-toned color which is a good combination to your wooden furniture.  

Beach house: Use white linens

white bedsimplistic sofaSources: brit | jacquelynclark

White does not only scream purity but it also means calm and relaxation. Most of the resorts are using white cloths in each of their rooms since it can trigger the psychological appeal on the minds of their customers. This color represents new beginnings and this is the main goal of every resorts owner, to let their customers stay away from the stress.  

Farmhouse: Barn-like doors

barn doorstwo bar doorsSources: thesnug | houzz

A farmhouse is well-known for having old-fashioned barn doors. It can be a single or double sliding door, similar to the sample photos. It can be used as the door for your bathroom, bedroom, washroom, and other parts of the house that you think these barn doors can be of use and not just a design.

Beach house: Resort-like doors

aqua doorblue two door Sources: coastalliving | myparadissi

Unlike the barn doors, the doors that are similar to beach house are popularly being used as the front door of the house. As you can see, it is colorful and vibrant than the barn doors and maintains the playful summer vibes. 

Farmhouse: Rocking chairs

wooden rocking chairSources: notapaperhouse

You need to create an atmosphere of coziness and comfort. This is what these rocking chairs are made of. It can be used outside or inside your home, based on the way you want to style it. If you want to make it look modernized, you can buy the metallic or the conventional one. There are new versions of these rocking chairs that are available in the market.

Beach house: Beach hammock

huge-sized hammockSource: craftsanddiyidea

A beach house-inspired home is not complete without a hammock hanging inside or outside of your home. There are five (5) types of the hammock: Brazilian, rope, fabric or the one that can be seen on the poolside, wild camping, chair or swing.

If ever you find the hammock that you have chosen because of its design. You can always count on layered pieces of cloths or a pair of personalized throw pillows.

Farmhouse: Everything is made of wood

wood-floored kitchenwood-floored hallwaySources: farmhousetouches | citygirlgonemom

Farmhouses are located in agriculture and rural areas, from the ceiling to the floors, it’s almost everything is made of wood. The usage of organic materials makes you get closer to nature and will surely make you feel that you are in a farm because of the smell of the wood and plants on your farmhouse-inspired home.

Beach house: Everything is in nautical

navy bed roomnavy living roomSources: chango | theletteredcottage

If there’s one concept that is closer to beach houses, it would be the nautical. As you can see, it is somewhat similar to the outfit of a sailor which is a combination of white and navy blue. These two colors are one of the classic color combinations. Blue signifies tranquility while white is the symbol of peace and silence. You will never go wrong with these two colors.

Keep it low-cost & simple

It’s not necessary to fully incorporate the designs that you have seen on the internet. Do whatever you like with the style that you will use. After all, interior designing is an art. Art needs to be appreciated not because of its appearance but because of how it was made of. This is how designing works.

Home improvement doesn’t need to be costly. All you need is to have a “shopping” experience inside your house and search for things that suits your concept and design. You can even do some DIYs if you want. You may buy some furnitures and accessories but it’s suggested to recreate your old things and turn it into a new home decoration.

Make it more personalized

personalized hangerspersonalized throw pillowsSources:  lizmarieblog | homebnc

One of the reasons why a house is considered as a home because of the reason that it was personalized. You can add cushioned pillows with your names imprinted on it. You can hang your old photos when you are having a short vacation at a beach resorts.

It is also time to show off your collections to the people who wishes to visit you. You can decorate your home with the souvenirs that you have bought while you’re enjoying the heat of sun during summer vacation or the old things that your grandparents owned but could be a great addition to the design of your home.

You don’t need to pay too much for home improvement. All you need to have is an imagination and a feasible idea that you won’t be able to fail while you’re re-designing the house. Designing your house can be a hard task but once you have seen the finished product, you will realize that all your sweats are paid off.



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