8 Sleek Ways to Transform Your Bathroom to Hotel-style

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Are you still in the middle of planning if what style would be a great design for your bathroom? You are torn whether you will turn it to be similar with the vibes that you have with your bedroom or you will create a little twist. What if, you will design it the way hotels conceptualize their bathrooms?

Who doesn’t want to stay in a place which there’s a hint of hotel-style? Unlike the rooms, you don’t really need to make this space of your house close to your personality. Since the bathroom designs are ever-changing, you need to keep it as timely just like every hotel in the city.

Here are the sleekiest ways to recreate your bathroom and turn it similar to the hotels:

Search for an inspiration

The first that you will do if you’re planning to make your personal bathroom look similar to hotel-style, find a design that is compatible with the structure and size of your bathroom. This will serve as your inspiration on what kind of decorations and designs will you going to use.

Remember to make this as your basis only. For example, after choosing different kinds of styles, you can choose either one interior in every design samples. Then, combine all the things that you have listed to create a new and refreshing bathroom style.

bathroom inspirationSources:  dailymail | apartmenttherapy| mylusciouslife

Choose classic color schemes

There are colors that don’t go out of style. What are these colors that would be a good combination? White, black, and gray. Pick three colors for your bathroom. A great guide to achieving uniformity of the design is to follow the rule of three.

Keep the combination balance by relying on 70/20/10 color distribution. For the 70% of the room’s interior, use the lightest color. For the 20%, you may use the lighter one while for the remaining 10%, use the boldest of all three colors.

color schemesSource: officeslice

You can also use two neutral colors that would make your bathroom similar to what you could see in the hotel rooms. The vibes of the room should make you feel calm. The distribution for this two-colored washroom should be 70/30: the lightest one should get the 70% while the darkest should have the 30% of the proportion.

bathroom color schemesSource: cocodsgn | idealhome

Add an interesting pop of color

If you will break the principles of design, you will end up surprising your guests. Breaking the rules when it comes to art can be a little bit good sometimes. Most especially if you know how to do it carefully. Just like what the designer did in these two bathrooms.

In a neutral and monochromatic colored bathroom, you can see that there was a pop of fuschia pink and tangerine, respectively. If you will going to take those bright colors off, you will realize that the room will just look dull and boring.

Color hintsSources: freshome | decoist

Be artsy and fancy at the same time

bathroom paintingSources: home-designing | apartmenttherapy

A bathroom is still a room. That’s why it’s okay to add some artsy things to decorating it. You can put a painting of yours or framed photos of your family. You can also add some oil canvas or calligraphy arts that could turn your bathroom into Millennialized–which is appropriate to the younger generation, most especially if you have Millennial children or you are a Millennial.

You can add these sketches or framed statements on the walls of your bathroom. It can be as humorous as these:

bathroom wallframeSource: etsy

Keep your walls well decorated without overdoing it. Limit the frames that you will be going to attach. It should be simple. Make sure that it won’t ruin the concept that you planned for your bathroom.

Add some scented candles

bathroom candleSources: zulily | 99pallets

Instead of the usual type, putting the candles beside the sink, you can do new things to create a new look for your scented candles. You can hang it on the wall like on the second photo. You can also put it on a polygonal canister., depends on your style.

Scented candles, aside from the air freshener, can help increase the aroma inside the bathroom. Don’t use too much candle inside the bathroom. Strong smells can be a bit overwhelming to your nose. Stick with one specific style. The style of your candle must be similar to the overall design of your bathroom.

Use apothecary jars

apothecary jarsSources: restorationhardware | crateandbarrel

If you want to add a sparkle of sophistication to your bathroom, this can be a great addition. It could make you essential look in order. If you will use this, it will not make your restroom look messy.

Similar to the presentation done on the sample photos, you can unwrap all your bathroom essentials and put it inside the container. You can mix the colors of the soap just like on the first photo but be careful not to over-do it. It’s safer if you will just stick with the plain and simple colors just like white.

Flowers that suit the vibes

bathroom flowerSources: flowersforthepeopleaustin | homesthetics

Flowers can make the bathroom look classy and elegant. When you include an organic element on the bathroom, it can help in highlighting the liveliness and brightness of the room. You just need to choose the flower that has the right size and kind that would totally fit your bathroom.

Mirrors to set the mood

Considered as an important element in a bathroom, it’s no doubt that mirrors should be included in the list. No matter what the sizes are, you shouldn’t forget about the need of having a mirror inside your bathroom. After all, what is a bathroom that doesn’t have any single mirror, right?

For example, if you will do your retouch, the first place that you could think of is the bathroom. How can you be able to fix your dress if you don’t have any mirror? Your guest might find it difficult to do their usual routines if you don’t a single mirror.

It can be medium or full length or a single or double frame. It depends on what you like and what suits on the concept inside your bathroom.

bathroom mirrorsSources: sfgirlbybay | lightmirrors | emilyaclark

You don’t need to pay big in order to have this kind of hotel-style bathroom. You just need to be creative in order to come up with a design that would be pleasing to your eyes. Hotel’s way of styling their bathroom is to make their customers comfortable even just by sitting in the toilet bowls.

When it comes to the overall design, the colors that you’ve chosen must be either neutrals or monochromatic. It should be classic and easy to maintain. As mentioned, you are free to give it a twist. You can incorporate bright colors or your personal touch. Make the bathrooms of each hotel as your own inspiration and recreate it according to how you want it to look like. 


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