Redesign Your Home Library: Unusual Bookshelves You Can Use

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Books are everything. There are people who doesn’t like the idea of building a home library in their house. However, having a good place where you can store your books, away from your kids that will just rip the pages, is convenient for you. For those who has a home library, maximize your productivity by redesigning your library room.

By restyling your library, the most important thing that you need to know is to know the right cabinet you will be using. If you don’t have any idea on what are the things you will be using, here are some of the bookshelves you will love.

Bookworm bookshelf

Image source: Ron Arad

CT Line bookshelf

Image source: Victor Vasilev

Read your bookcase

Image source: Eva Alessandrini & Roberto Saporiti

Shelf Life Unit or Room Divider

Image source: Charles Trevelyan

Ousama Bookshelf

Image source: Dripta Roy


Modular shelving unit

Image source: Maria Yasko


Pulse line bookshelf

Image source: Måns Salomonsen

Have you chosen the right cabinet that will suit your home library? If yes, you can proceed to the next step, which is the different ways of arranging your books. Below are the types of book arrangements that you may like for the restyling of the library room.

According to color

Image source: HGTV

In order to add some aesthetics on your shelf, you can arrange the books according to its color. It will be refreshing in the eye to see that the colors are not scattered and in on place. However, the problem with this one is it might be hard for you to find the book you are looking. Unless, you memorized all the covers of your book.

According to author

When you arrange the books according to author, you may be able to spare yourself from looking for the second book of the one you are currently reading. Through this, it will also easier for you to distinguish the kind of genre that you want to read since some of the authors focuses on one genre where they have become popular.

According to height

Image source: Ranters

If the books are all placed according to its height, it can be pleasing the eyes. The books look clean and tidy. Most especially if the design of your house want to achieve and maintain balance. Also, for those who likes minimalistic designs, they can make use of this kind of book arrangement. You can add some accessories, like having some metallic pieces.

Alphabetical order

Arranging the books alphabetically is one of the most common ways to fix the books on your shelf. It will also be easier for you to find the book you are searching if you will going to keep it this way. You can arrange it according to their last names and title of the books. It must be according to how comfortable you are with the organization.

Here are the other ways you can arrange your book aside from what are stated above, as stated in Apartment Therapy.


  • Chronological
  • Autobiographical
  • Genre
  • Stacks
  • Accessibility

When it comes to designing your own library room, the most important thing you need to consider is if it is okay for your taste. Most especially that you are dealing with books. There are times where people wants to read in a loud place or in the quiet place, for some. It is important that you give options to others to make them feel comfortable while reading their favorite book.

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