Getting Ready For The Holiday: Christmas Gifts for Homebodies

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Christmas is just around the corner.  You are excited and all but that excitement started to fade when you realized that you still need to think of great gifts to your loved ones. First, you need to know what are their personality. If you are aware that they love to just hang out inside their house, then you are in the right article.

Listed below are some of the things that you might want to give to your homebody family and friends:

G for the color of the year

Every year, there will always be a color that stands out. If this year, we had “Greenery” as the color of the year, for 2018, we will going to have purple as its color counterpart. Pantone 18-3838 Ultra Violet is the specific hue that was chosen.  Pantone added that the color communicates originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking that points us towards the future.

Pantone Ultra Violet
source: npr

If you know someone who loves to change the color of their homes, decorations which have this kind of hue is a great gift that you can give for them.

Cozy comforters & Bedsheets

comforter and bed sheet
Sources: dormco | enjoybedding

It’s definitely a must gift if a homebody would receive the gift that would help them to sleep well during the holiday vacation. Make sure that it’s comfy and wouldn’t cause any irritation and might be uncomfortable for them.

How would you choose the right comforter and bed sheet? Choose a size that you think would be the good fit for the receiver and his family, as well. You also need to make sure that you know the kind of warmth the person wants since it also depends on the weight of the comforter.

When it comes to bed sheets, since there are a lot of designs, and patterns, you should also consider if what are the favorite colors and characters of the person that you will be giving the gift. You can also add pillowcases so they can be able to match it up with their bedsheets.   

Velvets, furs, and other textures

velvet fur texture
Sources: westelm | keep | overstock

These kinds of gifts are great for people who love to keep their home decorations classy. They might be fashion enthusiasts or people who love to take photos that could show off their sophisticated side. The velvet and fur is a good combination that you could consider.

Other than these two textures, there are still other types of fabric that you might want to give as a gift. There are linen, silk, cotton, and leather that you can choose from. It can be a rug, a carpet, or curtains that match the color of the year. You can even make it more personalized if you’ve got the chance to purchase the one in their favorite color.

Frames, vases, and wall decals

frames vases wall decals
Sources: damselindior | aliexpress | walldecalworld


These are the kinds of home decors that people who are fond of photos and portraits would like. They will be able to put their personal photos or self-made portraits that would definitely bring more character to the person whom you will be giving the present.

Tip: if you are an artist or you know someone who could paint or sketch, you can create or ask them to paint a picture of them. If you know the kind of painting that they like. It will be a bonus for you.


Vases are still one of the classic Christmas gifts. But, in this generation, it seems like it was kind of outsold by the mason jars. Nevertheless, there are still a lot of varieties of vases in the market, you may choose the trendier one or with the unusual design, just like on the photo.

Wall decals

If you know someone who always keeps on changing the designs of their walls, wall decal is a good gift for them. Pasting this on their walls is easier than to put some paint to cover the flaws in your walls.

Products essential for vanity

If they are into makeups and anything related to vanity, these are the things that they would also love to receive. Who would’ve to want to see a dressing table with the mirror that has LED lights all over its sides. Also, if they have a lot of makeups and brushes to store, consider makeup holders as your gifts for them.

Vanity mirrors

vanity mirrors
Source: impressionsvanity

Makeup holders

Makeup holders
Sources: theaccessorynook | theartisanshoppe

Personalized items

There is a psychological effect whenever a person receives something that is personal to them. They will feel that you made an effort to personalize the stuff that you will be going to give as a present. The kind of excitement that a person would feel is different if they will get the gift that has their name on it or if it was printed with the face of their favorite celebrities.

Below are the examples of customized things that you can buy:

For the living room

If you are giving it to a person that already has a family, you can consider giving him or her this family name sign with the date of when they tied the knot. 

personalized sign name
Source: craftcuts

For the  kitchen

For the person who loves to cook, this is a perfect gift. You can engrave their names on the chopping boards or customize the towels that they will be using. You can add some catchphrase or quotes about cooking.

Sources: chocoaddicts | hellogiggles

For the bedroom

Pillowcases with names are a trend nowadays or you can give them variations of paintings that are close to their personalities. It can be about the colors that were used to complete the painting. Your gift can also be similar to the second photo that even though it’s only one tree, it has a lot of colors which project the attitude of the receiver.

personalized bedroom items
Sources: etsy | druma

Organizers and for storage

People who are interested in any home decorations usually want their things to be in order and organized. If you are not yet sure of the storages that you will be purchasing for your loved ones, just be a little observant. What are the things that she or he’s collecting? Is she into shoes or is he into clothes? By knowing these, you will be able to know the kind of storage you’ll give.

Sources: aliexpress | potterybarn

Unique and unusual items

unique items
Sources: (1,2,4) amazon | homelife
unusual items
Source: amazon

If you will going to search for it online, there are a lot of things that you could give to your loved ones. It can make them feel thrilled once they have opened your present to them. But, make sure that it can still be useful at home. Because, what is the use of giving them a unique gift if they couldn’t even use it, right?

The most important thing about gift giving is that the person who is close to you get to feel that they are loved and they are special. After all, Christmas only happened every once a year but the smile and happiness that your loved ones will have worth more than the price of the things that you bought for them.  


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