Play With Patterns: Designs You Can Blend to Your Walls

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Thinking of the great design for your walls can be a little bit challenging since there are a lot of beautiful styles out there. To make everything easier for you, you may want to incorporate patterns. This kind of design might be complicated for some since it will be hard to find the right one for them. If you are reading this article, there’s no need to worry. You just need to sit back and chill.

This 2018, geometric patterns and designs are said to be taking the design world. According to Freshome, “from runway fashion to company branding, you will be seeing kaleidoscopic designs pop up in lots of places. The focus this year is on geometric walls in which you can see modern accent pieces, triangles, and rich tones.

If you are planning to change your walls, here are some of the style you may want to recreate.

Geometric patterns

Back when you are in high school, you might think that you can’t use geometric figures in your life. However, you are wrong. You can actually use it in other things such as thinking of the designs you need for your house. Having enough knowledge when it comes to shapes will help you in creating a design you can put in your wall.

Here are some of the geometrical walls you may want to add some personal touch, as listed by Freshome.

Multi-colored geometric wall

Image source: IXXI

Contrasting Beehive Tiles

Image source: Decor Facil

Minimalist dimensional wall

Image source: Floto + Warner

Patchwork pastels

Image source: Milton & King

Triangle tessellation

Image source: Not the High Street

Vertical and horizontal lines

Aside from the geometric shapes, you can also play with lines. If you think that shapes are not for you can go for stripe lines. Almost everyone is aware of this golden rule. And, this is not only applied to how you choose your dress. If you want to make your wall appear taller, choose vertical stripes. Want to have a longer wall? You can pick the horizontal stripes for that.

If you don’t have any idea on how to incorporate stripe line on your walls, here are some of the designs listed by Graham Brown.

Monochromatic java plum


Uneven blue and white stripes


Classy black and white stripes

Images source: Graham Brown

Hang a gallery wall

If you don’t want to let go of your wall, you can still add some patterns without creating a drastic change. Creating a gallery wall is one of the easiest way to decorate your house without sacrificing your walls’ paint. Here are some of the gallery walls that you may want to make as your peg in designing your room, according to Brit.

Triangle wall art

Image source: Pneumatic Addict

Geometric paper hanging

Image source: Sweet Peas and Saffron

Bling wall decor

Image source: Mod Cloth

Framed geometrical shapes

Image source: Awin

Designing your walls is never easy. You need to be very creative when it comes to thinking of the great style you want. Apart from that, it is essential that you know the shapes you want to add to your room or home. With these geometrical, you may be able to add more angles and patterns in your room.

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