Spice Up Your Bedroom by Adding Millennial Pink and Gen Z Yellow

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yellow and pink bedroom

It seems like this 2017, a certain color took the was named as the color of the moment not just of the fashion world but of the generation called the Millennials. Who’s not even aware of the existence of Millennial pink? But, it looks like this color needs to move over because the Gen Z Yellow is going to snatch its crown. Gen Z yellow is considered as the color of the generation who were born after 1996.

It doesn’t matter which color dethrone what color. What matter is that if you will going to mix and match these two generational colors, you’ll create a youthful and refreshing vibe to your personal space–your bedroom.

yellow and pink
Source: ZoewithLove

It doesn’t matter which color dethrone what color. What matter is that if you will going to mix and match these two generational colors, you’ll create a youthful and refreshing vibe to your personal space–your bedroom.

Just look at how these two colors complement each other and would definitely create a sprightly ambiance. So, why bother choosing between these two if you can literally just pick these two? Apparently, Millennial pink and Gen Z Yellow have different shades. Millennial pink was said to be the color had mutated and expanded to include a range of shades from beige with just a touch of blush to a peach-salmon hybrid as what Lauren Schwartzberg defined while Gen Z yellow was described by Elle Magazine as “buttery, carnation-, buttercup-, banana-, sunshine-yellow”.

Curtains and carpet

curtains and carpet
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Just like in the photo, you can either have a yellow carpet ora epink curtain or vice versa. If you don’t want to change the color of your floor, you can opt to hav a rug. Have you noticed how the shades of each color vary? The color of the curtain is a darker shade of yellow while the floor’s color is a lighter shade of pink.

If you want to try this tip, make sure to make your floor homochromatic. A colored carpet, sometimes, doesn’t need a rug. You can add a rug only if its color is analogous to your floor. You carpet should be in harmony with your rug or else it will look like a room that was splashed with different kinds of colors.

If you will choose a rug for your room, it should be as pleasant as its visuals. How? If you will take your sit in that area, you’ll still feel comfortable as you were on the couch. If you will going to walk on it, it should not irritate your underfoot.

Just the Touch of Hue

Source: anthropologie | thouswell

Observe how the color yellow makes the all-pink background of this bedroom much enticing to the see. With the right shade of the colors and a furniture that also has the right color to give the monochromatic theme of your bedroom a twist that will surely make your private place a little less boring. There are a lot of shades of yellow that can be perfect in your pinkish room.

shades of yellow
Source: graf1x

In adding a hint of a fresh color to the one-colored theme of your room, always make sure to pick the right color. Avoid choosing the bolder ones like red and orange. Yellow can really be a good choice when it comes to this kind of designs since it has a lot of shades that could complement the overall design of your room.

Velvet makes it classy

May it be a yellow velvet or pink velvet. It’s your choice. Similar to the sample designs below, if you’re too feminine and want to keep it classy but modernized, you can make use of this tip. It can be a chesterfield, settee, tuxedo, cabriole type or an oversized upholstered chair. If you’ll want to pick the traditional one, choose the sofa with the rounder arm.

Velvet makes everything elegant. It’s as soft as it looks like. It could immediately bring softness and warmth to the room if you will use this kind of fabric. Velvet gives a touch of sophistication that every woman would desire to have in their rooms. This material is versatile that it could go along with the vibes of your bedroom.

Why did I recommend the velvet type of couch? Because as what Young Huh in Real Simple, “Cotton velvet is essentially no-fail. It’s plush and wears well.” It’s surely is since it matches well with the plain-colored walls of your room.

Source: apollinas | urbanoutfitters

Choose the right shade

The colors that you will incorporate into your bedroom can either ruin or upgrade the beauty of your room. When it comes to Millennial pink and Gen Z yellow, it’s visible that these two colors go along well with each other but with the wrong choice of shades of how pinkish or yellowish it is can result to

Let’s go back to the different shades of yellow and pink.

pink and yellow shade
Source: ingridsundberg

If you will look to the two colors, they have other shades you can choose. Daffodil and blush can be a good match since they are both pastel colors.

daffodil and blush
Source: houzz

If you will going to mix two colors with a different value–lightness and darkness of colors–it may sometimes alter the mood of your room. For example, you will put dijon and hot pink together, this will happen:

dijon and hot pink

These two shades are okay but as you will look at it closely, don’t you think it’s a bit boring and dull? This is not the concept that you need to avoid. That’s why it’s very important that if you’re a rookie in designing your room, the color wheel is really a great help. You can use this cheat sheet to help you find a correct color combination to help you come up with a chic and stylish look.

Here are some of the examples of yellow-pink combination that you could also try in your own bedroom.

pink yellow combination
Sources: (1) shop.dezignable | (2) ohjoy.blogs | (3) home-designing

Pink color radiates calmness while the yellow exudes happiness that totally makes these two colors a perfect match. Choosing a color combination can be a hard task since you should make sure that everything will not look chaotic and the furniture should not look scattered in misplaced even if that’s the main point of the design. Going modern is good but it’s also better to go back to the basics if you are in doubt.

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