Make Your Dining Room Stylish: Glam it Up With These Designs

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Some homeowners are busy decorating their bedrooms and ensuring that the throw pillows suits the sofa they bought. Maybe the reason was that those two are the usual spot wherein their guest often stays. However, they forgot about the other important place in the house, which is the dining room.

If you have been busy looking for the great designs for your bedroom and living room, you don’t need to worry because Urban Houses got you. From the designs, accessories, and extra stuff you can make your peg in creating a chic and stylish dining room. Listed below are the designs you will surely love to be added to your dining table.

Designs you can recreate

If you will ask for designs, you may be able to get as many as you can. But, the problem is, you might find it hard to look for good style that will not just spice up your dining area but also to ensure that the pieces would fit according to what the whole interior of your house looks like. Here are few of the designs you can use as a basis, according to Amara.

Touch of elite

Image source: Keech Green

Keep it simple and modern

Image source: Amara

Never be afraid to go laid-back

Image source: Ksenia Pavlova

Choose neutral interior scheme

Image source: Black and Milk

Keep it sleek and chic

Image source: Sainab Sharif

When you talk about the style, the closer it was to your personality and to your family’s, it must be the design you need to put up. You don’t need to change a lot. Just ensure that there are still a lot of spaces for your family to eat and it won’t be the reason why your kids decided to eat on the living room instead to your newly designed living room.

Improve table centerpiece

In other homes, they don’t normally put ready-placed dining pieces on their tables. They would normally put only the centerpieces, without the plates and utensils on the table. However, if you are that kind of homeowner who would want to have a great centerpiece, pay attention to these designs in which you can style in different ways.

Make it simple
Image source: Alex Maguire


Stay close to nature

Image source: Youth Visioning

Use long-stemmed flowers

Image source: Create Full Circle

Design with wine and glass

Image source: Info Art Web

Centerpieces are not necessarily needed however in some cases, most especially if there are parties, it is great to see awesome designs on the top of your table. You can keep it simple or keep it elegant. Just choose according to how you want it to be.

Accessorize the whole place

Apart from the designs and centerpieces, you can also design the walls of your dining room. You can accessorize it, add designs that could look pleasing not just for you but to other people that will be eating in that part of the house. You can put up a gallery wall or change your wallpaper. The following are some of the designs you might want to have in your dining room.

Put up gallery wall


Change your wallpaper


Pick new curtains

Images sources: Youth Visioning

Change is good when it comes to your house. It would be awesome to see new things from time to time but please do make sure that you won’t be spending too much money for that. You also need to consider other factors before you start renovating or redesigning your dining room.

Want to know the latest house designs? Check Urban Houses for more styles.


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