Does Living Independently Contribute To Your Success

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Walt Disney once said, “All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” Everyone has their own dreams, dreams that have been envisioned since they were kids. These aspirations range from being an educator, engineer, doctor, and architecture just to name a few.

Everyone wants to make their dreams come true. Everyone wants to succeed. Everyone wants to make their parents proud but what if making your parents proud also means leaving them? Would you still pursue those dreams of yours and start living independently or seek for other job opportunities offered in your place? If you’re still in the decision process, the following list might be of great help for you.

Your best decision yet


Living without your parents might be a little bit scary. But, don’t you think this might be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make? Taking risk is hard because you don’t have any idea what will happen. The question is, so what? At least you gave it a try, right? It’s still better to live a life full of “oh, wells” than full of “what ifs”.

There will be some instances that your employer might assign you to other places and you will be living independently far from home. You will get hesitant at first because you’re not yet ready. Ask yourself, when will you be ready? Until that career opportunity stopped knocking? Choosing a career doesn’t always mean that you wanted it, it means that you’re ready for the changes it brings.

Adds up to your productivity

Living independently is not a decision to take lightly but the axiom, ‘no risk no reward’ rings true in the practice of job relocation. The results can be life-changing.  Your career has the capacity to bring out what’s best for you. If you’ll going to relocate yourself to a home near your workplace, it’ll be an advantage for you since it’s no longer exhausting for you to travel for so long, causing you to get tired the moment you enter your workplace.

If your energy level got low, there’s a tendency for you to be unproductive at work. If the employees are productive, they will be able to meet deadlines and keep their tasks running smoothly.

Don’t get stuck


Leaving your parents might be hard for you since you’re used to them being around you. Change in your career environment is what everyone needs to be able to succeed in life and probably, this is the change that you should make. Some people say that to excel in life nowadays, people change their career and opted to live independently since it can broaden their horizons.

If you think that the place that you’re living only offers limited job opportunities, maybe it time for you to check out the work available in the city or country near you. Why restrain yourself from your city when you can actually go to other places to be able to vie for the job that you ideally want?

Leaving your comfort zone, literally

People need to do something that they haven’t done yet in order to know themselves more and this is indeed connected to leaving your home—your comfort zone, to be able to find out who and what you really are. If you think that you’ll get better career opportunities outside your city, for example, do take into consideration.

These opportunities knock once; don’t let it pass just because you’re afraid to be alone. You might want to start creating a list of things that the long distance moving company gave before moving out. You’ll eventually get used to it. This might be the career move you’re waiting to have that will be going to hone you not just as a professional but also as an individual.

Living independently to be self-reliant

The decision to live alone is common in diverse cultures whenever it is economically feasible. Being economically feasible helps you determine the positive economic benefits your prospective work will provide, and helps you quantify them. Don’t you think it’s time for you to take a leap from the usual?


In life, there’s no such thing as too early or too late in rediscovering and improving yourself. Once you’re alone, you start relying on yourself all the time. There’s no one you could depend on, other than yourself. Once you’ve achieved this, unknowingly, you’re already successful in so many ways.

Many people thought of being successful but they don’t know what and where to start. There’s no specific formula to be successful in your chosen career but there are things that could contribute to it. One is to know yourself and to be able to know yourself; you need to be alone for once.

There’s beauty in living independently, you get to discover the strengths you thought you didn’t have. Your desire to know who you are and what you want is the real success in life.  Your career will be the instrument for you in order to be able to achieve that.


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