Level-up Homework Spaces: Use These Tips As Your Guide

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Now, that the school year’s about to end, as a parent, you want your kid to have a new study environment once another academic year begins. Restyling a part of your home can be a bit exhausting. However, if the outcome is good, and your kid can study better, you still get to win. Give the homework spaces of your house a level up.

If you’re still indecisive of what to put inside your on-going study room renovation, listed below are sample designs you can follow. You can’t just follow it. Instead, you can make these styles as your peg. It’ll be better if you will insert the desired styles of your children to make it more personalized.

Arrange the books

In the previous blog post, you were able to read about how to redesign the home library. First thing you need to know is the kind of book shelf to purchase. If you already have an idea about it, the next thing that you will be going to do is to decide how will you arrange the books. Whether you want it to be by height, color, or by author.

Image source: Trends Archiexpo

Pick the right wall color

Since there are times that colors would affect how the teenagers study, you need to know what these colors are. One of the most popular colors used is the color blue. Due to the reason that the said color can stimulate the productivity of the person. And, this is why it is ideal for the study room. Aside from the blue, listed below are some of the colors you might want to use.

  • Green
  • Red
  • Yellow
Image source: Interior Exterior Plan

Make it personalized

There’s nothing better than making the place personalized than putting all the books in one room. Ask your kids if there’s something they want to add. Through this, they won’t be able to feel a bit bored. You can add their favorite stuffed toy, hang a photos of them, or simply just put a mini speaker beside them.

If you think that they love canvas paints, or want to put the color that they like, let them. After all, they are the one  to use the homework spaces. Just like this pink study room from Fresh Home.


If you are still looking for some other study room inspirations, here are the following designs you may want to see.

Customize the desk


You can go beyond the usual. Make the desk look simple and close to the personality of your child at the same time. As what you can see in the sample, there are some hints of gold.

Cushioned-arm chair


Make sure that your child may be able to sit comfortably in their study room. Choose the chair that will let them focus on what they are studying not on how to have a comfy position.

Bookshelf and desk in one


If your place is not spacious enough, you can put everything in one place. Take this one for example. You can stack the books, courtesy of the bookshelves. However, you need to make sure that it won’t look scattered in the desk.

Keep everything in order

Images source: PB Teen

When creating a study room or homework spaces, you need to make sure that the place is in order. It will be hard for your children to focus if the things are scattered everywhere. A little creativity will also add up in their motivation to study. Don’t be afraid to experiment with accessories. Also, make your child be a part of the designing process.

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