Improve Home Aesthetics: Be Familiar With Roof Styles

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Everyone has their meaning of aesthetics when it comes to roof styles For some, it might be just an appreciation of beauty, but for others, it might be more than that. According to Encyclopedia, “aesthetics is the study of man’s behavior and experience in creating art, in perceiving and understanding art, and in being influenced by art.”

When building a house, you need to pay attention to the design of your roof. Aside from knowing the different roofing materials you need, it is essential that you see the roofing styles. Different roofing designs are considered popular by the homeowners. Keep the aesthetics of your room by installing the right roofing style for your house.


If you are more familiar with the french roof and curb roof, the other term known is mansard. Have you seen the hip and gambrel roof yet? If yes, combining the two roof will give you a mansard roof.


According to homesthetics, “the term “Mansard” means a roof which has two slopes on all the four sides where the lower slope becomes steeper than the upper one and was named after him. You can also use this term to refer to space or attic under this kind of roof structure and not just only the shape of the roof.”



For homeowners who seek for a stylish roof, they may be able to use saltbox design. It is more distinguishable than other houses because of its unique designs. As stated in Chasing Green, “a saltbox roof is a common roof type among older colonial style homes. They look very similar to a simple shed roof in that it is a lean-to, and are also similar to a gable roof in that this style creates a gable.”



Just by its name, a person can predict that its look is similar to the pyramids found in Egypt. In Houzz, it is described as “very similar to the hipped roof, except that the planes meet at a single point or apex rather than a ridge. Clearly derived from Egypt’s great pyramids, they found popularity in America in the early 1900s on a boxy housing type called American Foursquare.”



Some of the architects love this style of roof. Similar to the pyramid roof style, the butterfly roof got its name because it looks like the wings of the butterfly. On the website of Do It Yourself, “the roof is designed in such a way that the joining point is at a lower level compared to the outer boundary of the roof, resembling a water reservoir.”

Other than the roof styles, you should also consider the cost. Only buy the type that will fit your budget, also if it will fit your house. You also need to consider if the weather and the safety in your house. Since your roof is the one who will protect you, you also need to choose the type that is strong and sturdy.

Ask some help from the roofing companies in White Plains NY to help you decide. You need an assistance from the expert to be able to come up with a good roofing choice.

Images Source: JTC Roofing Contractors – Roof Types

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