Easy DIY Decorations for Halloween and DIY Tips for Halloween Decorations

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Halloween is an easy holiday to celebrate. While most people immediately think of trick or treating, hosts and families who love to decorate their homes and wear costumes during this time have their work cut out for them. Decorating the house with spooky-themed decorations can be tough. You can go all out with tons of decorations or you can keep it simple and easy by decorating your home with a few homemade items, like these easy DIY decorations for Halloween! 

These easy DIY decorations are made from things that most people have around the house or they can be purchased inexpensively at any craft store. You can save a lot of money by using Halloween-themed DIY house work rather than spending a lot of money on decorations that could have been put into candies that the trick or treating kids would love and appreciate.

It doesn’t take much time either, so even if you’re short on time this year, you still have plenty of options when it comes to making your home festive. 

This article will highlight the different kinds of easy DIY decorations that you can do for Halloween and other DIY tips and tricks for Halloween decorations. 

Easy DIY Decorations for Halloween

Halloween is a great time to show your creative side. There are a lot of different ways you can decorate your house without drilling a hole in your pocket. Here are some easy DIY decorations that will get you in the spirit of the season!

Pumpkin Topiary: This is a simple project that can be made with materials you probably already have around the house. Start by cutting the top off of a pumpkin and removing the seeds and guts. Then, cut two slits into opposite sides of the pumpkin about halfway down its height. Next, slide a dowel or other sturdy stick through those slits so that it stands up on its own. Finally, use paint or markers to draw on a face or design and set your pumpkin topiary aside to dry.

Mummy Door: Another easy DIY decoration for Halloween is this mummy door cover. All you need is some white gauze, a hot glue gun, and a black ribbon. Start by cutting the gauze into strips about two inches wide. Then, use the hot glue gun to attach the strips of gauze around your door frame, making sure that they overlap slightly so that the mummy looks wrapped up tightly. Finally, tie a piece of black ribbon around the top of the mummy to complete the look.

Bats: These easy DIY bats are perfect for Halloween decorating! You’ll need some Styrofoam balls, black paint or markers, googly eyes, and pipe cleaners. First, cut the foam balls in half with a sharp knife. Next, dip them in black paint or use markers to color them completely black. Then, use the marker to draw on eyes and a mouth. Finally, cut pieces of pipe cleaner for each bat, bend them into little wings using your fingers, and attach one end of each piece of wire to the backside of your painted Styrofoam ball with hot glue or tape.

Skulls: This easy DIY decoration is perfect for Halloween! All you need are some empty glass jars (mason jars work great), black paint or markers, white paper plates, googly eyes, glue sticks or hot glue gun, and ribbon if desired. Start by drawing circles onto the center part of your paper plate so that they look like ghostly faces when complete. Cut out several smaller circles from this larger circle too to form the skulls’ teeth. Use your markers to color them in if you want, and then cut out some eye holes on each plate before setting them aside for later use. Next, fill up your glass jars with water until they are about three-quarters full (you can leave enough room at the top of each jar so that it is easy to open). Finally, carefully glue googly eyes onto both sides of each paper plate ghost face and rest one on top of each filled jar. Secure strips of ribbon across the mouth area or around the lid if desired.

Halloween Treats: You don’t have to spend a lot of time decorating Halloween treats this year! Just dip Oreos into orange food coloring mixed with white chocolate and let them dry. You can also use a black edible marker to draw on a Jack-o-lantern face. For easy spider treats, just take some mini chocolate chips and stick them into the sides of Rolo candies to create legs. Enjoy your easy DIY Halloween decorations!

DIY Tips for Halloween Decorations

If you’re looking for more ideas on how to get started with DIY Halloween decoration projects, then check out our list of easy tips below!

Start by Planning Ahead: One of the best ways to ensure that your holiday decorating goes smoothly is to plan ahead. Start by thinking about what types of decorations you want and what type of theme you want to go for This will help give you a starting point and avoid any last-minute rushing.

Create a Halloween Centerpiece: A great way to add some easy Halloween flair to your décor is by creating a centerpiece. This could be as simple as using a black vase and filling it with fake spiders, pumpkins, or gourds. You can also get creative and make your own DIY centerpiece out of things like Styrofoam balls, painted skulls, or even glow-in-the-dark ghosts!

Make Your Own Halloween Garland: Another easy way to decorate for the holiday is by making your own garland. All you need are some materials like construction paper, scissors, straws, tape, and glue. Start by cutting out different shapes from the construction paper- such as bats, spiders, pumpkins, and ghosts. Next, use the straws to create a simple hanger for each shape by cutting them into small pieces about four inches long. Finally, tape or glue the shapes onto the straws and hang them up around your home!

Add Halloween Lights: Another easy way to add some festivity to your décor is by using Halloween lights. There are lots of different types available on the market- such as string lights that come in pumpkin or spider designs, LED candles with black flame effects, lighted branches with spooky leaves, and more. Simply choose whichever type of light fits best with your overall theme and decorate accordingly!

Use Black Fabric: A great way to quickly and easily give any room a spooky Halloween feeling is by using black fabric. Drape it over furniture, hang it from the ceiling, or even make simple curtains to cover doorways. You can also use this fabric to create easy DIY decorations like a banner, spider web, or haunted house scene!

Key Takeaways

In conclusion, there are lots of easy ways to get started with DIY Halloween decorations this year. While most home buyer tips would recommend that you look for a house that can fit all occasions, it’s okay if your house isn’t that decoration-friendly! With these DIY tips, you can make anything work in any kind of space, big or small!

By planning ahead, using basic materials, and thinking outside the box, you can create a festive and spooky atmosphere in no time! Happy decorating!

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