The Kind of Container Home that Suits Your Lifestyle

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Popular online sources have listed at least forty modern shipping container homes for all budget considerations. Doesn’t that sound very helpful? You got this wide range of choices to find the best deal for you. With proper planning on how to go about the whole process of buying the materials, building the project, or choosing the right container home plan, there is certainly no way that you couldn’t accomplish your goal of having an ideal home that fits exactly your style and budget.

This article is simply right for you. In here, you’ll get to know a number of most selected home container varieties, and from there, you can decide which one to purchase. You just need to be open to all opportunities that this reading can offer you.

Black and White House

BLACK RIGHT NOW - Mark D. Sikes: Chic People, Glamorous Places, Stylish Things | Minimalist house design, Building a container home, Container house

Color doesn’t matter here. Whether you’re white, black, or Asian, this variety of home container simply matches simplicity. You can have this one with ground and upper levels with a staircase, and have it lighted like how it’s done on ordinary homes. The design is so simple, but that’s the best thing about it – no complexity whatsoever, just a decent and comfortable place to stay in.

Casa Incubo

If you prefer a more modern style of container home, this one’s for you! This has luxurious elegance and appeal, to say the least. That doesn’t sound surprising at all if you know the brain behind this contemporary design. The man is named Maria Hose Trejos – an architect – whose creativity is shown on his work. His design uses shipping containers from a few openings for windows on all sides. There are also glass sliding doors on the ground floor which are shielded with sliding wooden panels. A wooden deck that’s looking like an extension from the house floors features built-in lights, plus the awning and great sun protection above.

Nomad Living Design

From the home front: Tiny cargo container house is Sunset Idea House; student-built off-grid house; Chu 200; Phonehenge saga - oregonlive.com

Haven’t experienced living like a nomad yet? Now this choice is all you’ll ever need to immerse yourself in that kind of life – wherever you wish to. This is some type of mobile retreat that consists of a shipping container and a carcass structure that provides sun awnings for the wooden deck. With the glass inserts on all sides, the light can enter freely and illuminate the place – a huge saving for electricity. You’ll also enjoy seeing the surrounding nature as you can visibly see what’s on the outside, without compromising, of course, your privacy with white curtains attached on the wall.

Crossbox Home

This is another masterpiece of an architect – of French descent. He is Clement Gillet whose design is a post-modern one. We are living in a modern world, after all. Right? So you might find this choice a very suitable one. A few important things you need to know about this is that the ground floor has a back sliding, while the upper floor features a lively bright green color. Both containers are merged together to provide more space and better insulation. Its exterior and interior are minimalistic and practical.

Ecotech Design

It stands out from the rest, if you go for something “high-tech”. What does that mean with this choice? This comes with various units properly equipped with all needed electrical wiring and accessories. The containers used have gone through prefabrication process, and each unit takes some calculated time to be placed accordingly. By far, this is considered by many people to have the futuristic design. That sounds pretty cool, doesn’t it?

Ecotech Mojave Desert Shipping Container Home « Inhabitat – Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building

Grillagh Water House

This is yet another container house design that defies the limits of practicability and aesthetics. It’s a product of imagination by the architect named Patrick Bradley. His design uses four containers which can hardly be recognized from how the house is built. Cargotecture is what they call it, and he’s done it very well. He has shaped the masterpiece like it’s made of expensive materials and modern architectural elements. You’d believe it once you see a prototype of its design.

Kalkin House

Just another no ordinary container home design on the list. A product of an architect too – the man is Adam Kalkin. His design is made of stacked containers, and it features a grass façade and long white curtains on the external of the whole structure that provides it an enigmatic atmosphere. While in the inside, it feels like a huge house with its spacious rooms and modern kitchen featured right in the middle of the whole structure.

You’ve just read only six of forty. But that’s enough proof that out of ordinary containers, making a castle-like home is possible. Of course, doing it all by yourself is not. That is why we have experts in this business to help you get the best design from this seemingly boundless of choices. It all starts with your decision on what kind of this popular container home really fits your budget and lifestyle.



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