Choosing the Right Wood for Outdoor Projects

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There’s no better place to be when the weather warms up than outside, soaking up the warmth and taking in the fresh air! Many people enjoy having barbecues, social events and spending quality time with friends and family on their patio or deck.

If your home’s exterior allows for it, we highly recommend getting new outdoor projects built so you can take advantage of all it has to offer. If you are looking for a lumber yard near me, make sure to choose a trusted and quality company that provides premium plywood for your furniture.

Below are the five type of wood perfect for your outdoor projects:

  1. Teak

Everyone is familiar with teak, which is arguably the best wood for outdoor furniture. Teak is as similar to ideal as it comes, being robust, waterproof, and UV resistant, as well as being very attractive.

Teak does not attract soil and is insect resistant, allowing it to be left outdoors in even the harshest heat. The fact that teak is a typical boatbuilding wood should tell you everything you need to know about it.

Many people are put off by the high cost of teak, which is understandable. After all, this is one of the best wood you can use!

  1. European Oak

There’s a reason why oak is such a common option among builders, particularly those working on outdoor projects. It’s a beautiful species that are also solid, robust, and sturdy. It’s easy to see why European Oak has stood the test of time; the classic golden-medium brown color is timeless.

Oak garden furniture is a great hardwood option, but it does need some maintenance and safety when not in use.

  1. Western Red Cedar

Western Red Cedar is used for posts, decking, shingles, tables, and siding in outdoor construction projects today. It also has a high natural resistance to decay, which is why many homeowners and builders choose them. 

The Western Red Cedar’s resistance to warping and twisting is superior to all other coniferous forests. Usually, it does not splinter. The wood is full of natural insecticides and resistant to insects and lumber rot. Its light, porous texture gives it high insulating thermal and acoustic properties, making it a great home cladding.

This form of wood is also good for the environment because it is sustainable and does not emit greenhouse gases. You can’t go wrong with cedar for a beautiful, natural-looking deck build.

  1. Iroko

Teak and iroko share certain cellular characteristics. It offers exceptional strength and longevity thanks to its slow growth on the Ivory Coast and high natural oil content.

Iroko, also known as ‘African Teak,’ is a low-maintenance plant with natural pest resistance. It’s a very sturdy and attractive wood to use for your garden furniture.

  1. Pressure-Treated Wood

When cost is a major consideration, pressure-treated (PT) wood is often the material of choice. It’s easy to work with, has a wide range of applications, and can be found at almost any home improvement store or lumber yard.

The wood becomes more resistant to rot, decay, and insects as a result of the treatment process, making it a long-lasting choice for outdoor applications such as a pergola or gazebo.

Outdoor projects maintenance tips

Although a good rot-resistant species do not need care, a clear UV preservative can help your furniture maintain its original color while still protecting it from the elements. That is unless you want the silvery-grey look that many wood species develop over time — the so-called “silver fox” look has recently gained popularity.

Give your outdoor projects a gentle clean every couple of months to remove soil. Warm water, soap, and a bristle brush should be used for this. It’s best to do this on a sunny day so the furniture can dry completely.

Choosing the Right Wood for Outdoor Projects

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