Want to Get Rid of Boring Kitchen? Add More Colors

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Almost everyone wants to have a house that suits their taste and style. Some homeowners are excited about choosing the right palette and the design of the living room and bedroom. Forgetting that they still have a kitchen to design. Maybe because of the reason that kitchen is the place where people don’t often use as the place to stay.

Not all people may know this, but the kitchen is considered as the heart of the home. Everything you could ever ask can be found in this place. For people who love to eat, this is their secret haven–the place where they can call as their favorite spot inside their house. However, most of the kitchens are designed with one or two-toned colors to keep it minimalist.

There is nothing wrong with bold colors, and as the owner, you are free to choose whatever design you want. But, if you don’t have a peg for your next kitchen renovation? Here are the styles you might want to see and give some twist.

Repaint kitchen cabinets

Some people might find it hard to repaint the walls of their kitchen. If you are like this, that is okay. There are a lot of ways of making your cooking space attractive without applying a new coat of paint. You can change the colors of your kitchen cabinets. Through this, you won’t find it hard to avoid dripping the paint all over your kitchen tiles.


repaint kitchen cabinets
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There are no recommended colors, and you just need to play with the colors that will suit your personality and how you want it to be. But, if you are not aware of the right colors, you may use. You can follow the color scheme. You can pick a combination of two similar hues or the pair that are exactly opposite of each other.

Change old tablecloth

Buying new kitchen things is not necessary. If you have spare cloth, you can still use that. As long as it will be suitable for the theme of your kitchen. Change doesn’t necessarily mean you need to go to the mall and pick the expensive one. If you are creative, you can cut it into squares and make it as a table napkin. Aside from it’s doable, you also got the chance to use the cloth you thought you wouldn’t be able to use again.

Buy new kitchenware

Buy new kitchenwares
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Before you go to the market, first thing’s first. Is your budget enough to buy new kitchenwares? If your answer is no, skip this step. But, if you have the money for this, you may proceed to read this point. This is one of the options that people can choose if they don’t want to change the colors of their walls or their cabinets.

Kitchens who have clear glasses as a cabinet can do this. For the reason that the colors of the plates, for example, are more visible. If you have a mug holder, you can buy colorful mugs that you can hang in each holder. Do this according to the design that you want for your kitchen.

Add colorful frames

You have a lot of ways to have a colorful frame. If you are a parent with young children, maybe they were able to make artworks. Put all the colorful arts of your kids inside the frame and make it as a display. This factor can make you feel like you hit two birds with one stone. You get to showcase the works of your kids and you have a bright ornament in your kitchen.

Invest with rugs

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To keep it safe, you can go with buying colorful rugs. You are like adding a small splash of color to your all-white kitchen. Play with colors and know the places where you can place those rugs. Even if you buy mats, you are still sure that you will still use it even if you want to change the color scheme for your kitchen.

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