Be Summer-Ready: Blend Some Hawaiian Style To Your Bedroom

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Not everyone can travel this summer. However, there is this thing called staycation. Wherein, you will stay in your house, not in another place or country. You may think that it will be boring to stare in the same place while your friends are enjoying their vacation. Girl, you can still bring the Hawaiian Style even inside your bedroom.

You don’t need to worry because even when it comes to your staycation, you can still be very extra about it. If you think of summer, you may usually link it with flowers, sun, or any refreshing things. There are a lot of tropical places in the world and Hawaii is one of them. Start listening and dancing to hula while you are incorporating the Hawaiian style to your room.

Add a realistic wallpaper

If you are torn between just painting your room or pasting the wallpaper, there are pros and cons that you need to know. Paint is cheaper than wallpaper. However, wallpaper has a longer lifespan than the former. Also, if you want to change the designs of your wall without any hassle, you can stick with wallpaper.


Images source: Ali Express

Change your beddings

Covering yourself with floral or sea-designed blanket can be a bit refreshing. Aside from the popular tropical country designs, there are other styles you can purchase. There are fruits and leaves. If you are interested about it, you can find it below.

hawaiian-bedding hawaiian-bedding-1 hawaiian-bedding-2

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Place a Hawaiian lamp

Lamps that can be found in Hawaii is not just about shells and other sea-made furnitures. It can be made of bamboo or rattan. If you are still in the process of looking for a perfect lamp that can lit up your place every night, here are some of the designs you may want to make as your design inspiration.

hawaiian-lamp hawaiian-lamp hawaiian-lamp-1
Images source: Hay Neede

Hang tropical curtains

Change your monochromatic curtains and replace it with Hawaiian style curtains. Most of the designs you can see in the market are palm trees, florals, and plain ones but beautifully embroidered. It’s up to you if what design would you want to use. All you need to make sure is that it won’t make your room look like it was over crowded by the designs you added.

hawaiian-curtain hawaiian-curtain-1 hawaiian-curtain-2

Images source: Bed Bath and Beyond

Never let your staycation ruin your fantasies about beaches. Not because you won’t be having a place where you can enjoy the sound of waves and heat of the sun, you won’t let yourself experience it even in the four corners of your room. You don’t need to look for the expensive materials or supplies for this little makeover. There are other cheaper finds that will help you save money while turning your home into a tropical island.


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