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Water is essential to all of us, and this includes plants. Water helps transport nutrients from the soil to the plants to grow leaves, stems, flowers, and fruits. The amount of water a plant needs depends on the type of plant and how much light they get. Plants are the happiest when they are correctly hydrated; enough water pressure will make the leaves sturdy and strong. But when plants are not adequately watered, the stem wilts, and the leaves drop. Before knowing when is the best time to water plants, Let’s take a look at first why do plants need water.

Healthy Growth of Plants

Water is vital to plants’ growth because it gives nutrients to the plants; now, when the supply intervenes with this method, the cells become wobbly, and plants’ growth stunted. In order to develop new healthy cells then you need to foster water to the plants.

Boosts Plants Energy

When water is present in the leaves and stems of the plant,. The water provides the cell’s energy to be alive and makes the plants healthy, flexible, and happy. But it’s dry, the leaves withered, and the stems fall out.

Serves as Support System

Through the unique process called “Osmosis,” the water travels up to the cells of the leaves, and it becomes firms. It also gives structure to the plants. The reason why flowers and plants get wilt when they don’t get water. That’s because of Osmosis.

Water For Photosynthesis

Photosynthesis is plants’ process to create food using air, light, carbon dioxide, and water. Yes, water is essential in photosynthesis to prevent plants from dehydration. Water is also needed to transport nutrients into the plant and its cells.

Water as Food Source

After the process of photosynthesis, The water helps the plants to store the nutrients needed for growth. The vital element of glucose (plants produce for food) is hydrogen, which contains water. Other plants make their nutrients using sunlight. The plant is divested of the essential items to feed when the water supply decreases.

Nutrition of Plants

Water is needed when plants get nutrients from the soil. Because water allows the nutrients to run from the soil, which is essential for any plant’s growth, even the highest quality soil cannot instantly transport the nutrients to plants without the presence of water.

After understanding why do plants need water, it’s also necessary to know when is the best time to water them. Now Here’s when.


Yes! the perfect time to water the plants is in the morning. Know why? Simply because it is still cool! The water runs down gently into the soil and travels in the roots of the plants going up to its stem and leaves without too much excess water lost due to evaporation. Also, when you water the plants early in the morning, water will sustain throughout the day to deal better with the hotness of Mr. Sun. 


In some instances, we can’t water the plants in the morning because of the life and work schedules. But still watering the plants late afternoon is also better. It allows the plants to absorb water without the sun evaporating the water in their system. You have to make sure that the leaves will be dried before the night comes because soggy leaves at night allow the fungus to live, which can harm your plants, especially leafy veggies. 

Water The Plants When Needed

You have to check the soil if it’s dry, then it is time to water the plant. Use your finger to touch the ground and conclude if the plants need water or not. One more thing is to hit the container, and if it seems hollow, then it’s time to water the plants. Remember that watering is about pouring water to the roots. If you water the soil, make sure it is near the roots because it is useless when you water the plants by its leaves. It would help if you directed the water onto the root zone. For sufficient watering on the root, use a soaker tube instead of a sprinkler.

More to Consider

One factor is time, Don’t water too immediately because being gentle in these tasks is always the most helpful. You make sure to lead the water into the root zone because the plants’ leaves don’t need watering. You will know if they have enough water when the water comes out from the pot. 

You have to be mindful when you water plants to avoid wasting water. 

Water is a vital component in the growth of plants. No matter where you grow your plants and what plant you’re growing, You need water. Always seek high-quality water for your plants, which is close to the quality of rainwater. But if it’s not possible, then you can use your tap water.

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