6 Tips to Self-design Your New Home Just Like a Pro

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You’ve just moved to your new house and you’re just a rookie when it comes to interior designs and home decorating. Besides being a neophyte when it comes to this topic, you also don’t have enough money to start planning the things you will be needed and to pay for a professional to help you in choosing the right interiors for you.

Here are some of the tips that you could follow to keep your home personalized even though you have a tight budget.

Plan right ahead


Before you start listing down the things that you’ll buy, make sure that the money that you have is enough to do a house makeover. Your budget is one of the important things that you need to consider if you want to make sure that you won’t miss a thing. The planning stage shouldn’t be skipped and should be taken seriously.

Check out home design websites, and social sites like Pinterest, to get ideas for your own décor.There are many how-to videos that were being uploaded online. If you prefer photos, there are a lot of designs that you can use as an inspiration. All you just need is to search for the right one that you think suits your taste.

Gather your personal collections

vinyl records

In some case, this will serve as the main attraction of your house. For example, if you want your house to have the vibes of modern but with the touch of retro, if you collect vinyl records, you can use this is a design. Instead of keeping it, you can use it as part of the design of your house’s interior.

If you have travelled the world, then showcase the pictures you have taken or the items you collected while traveling. Your house should be like a mirror of your personality. Let the interiors of your house speak for you. If you have items in your house that you really love, gather it all together, these will form the basis for the mood you intend creating in your home.

Repurpose your furniture


There might be pieces that you love but aren’t suitable to your house. You can still use them by innovating it. There are furniture that needs a little repair to be used. Repurposing your furnitures will help you save money and feelings, too. These furnitures might have a sentimental value for you that’s why it’s hard for you to throw it all away. Guess what, you can do something to help them find their new life.

You can turn your old sewing machine into your vanity set. You can use your old window sills as your new table. There are a lot of things that you could do in your old things that you thought can’t be used anymore. If you will just search the internet, it will give you wonderful and easy ideas that can give your old furniture a new look without spending too much money for it.

Use design mobile apps

mobile apps

These mobile application about interior designs will help you to make sure that what you are doing is correct. There is now a wealth of home improvement and decorating wisdom in the palm of your hand. There are a lot of mobile apps available in the application stores around the world.

Here are some of the mobile apps that are particularly helpful to help you design your house’s interior:

  1. Houzz Interior Design Ideas – this app lets you try products in your home before you buy it. Houzz provides more than more than 10 million high-resolution photos of home interior that you can choose by style, room and location. And you can easily checkout any design from any type of room.
  2. Zillow Digs – This app provides all possible ideas for home improvement and interior design ideas. Zillow Digs is also project cost app that offers you the details to make your project with a correct estimation of its cost.
  3. Planner 5D Home Interior – There is a vast catalog that is available to let you choose any type of interiors. You will have the chance to customize the accessories, decorations, furnitures, and the theme of your house.

Other interior design related mobile apps that you could also use are: ColorSnap,Curate, Like That Decor, MagicPlan, My Pantone, Brightnest, Home Design 3D Gold, and others that can be found on your application stores.

Ditch the old design rules

You can actually mix and match the prints that you like. Mixing patterns adds visual interest and loads of texture to a space. You can choose whatever design style that you like. If you’re infusing multiple styles make sure you have one common denominator like color or pattern to tie everything together. You don’t need to match the colors of your room to the color of your furnitures. Some even say that you should go with neutrals to keep it classic. There are other rules out there but the thing is, if you will follow those rules, it won’t be you anymore. So don’t be afraid to try something new or different.

Choose the right color

The color will serve as the base of your house’s theme. When you go to pick paint, either go for a perfect shade of white, a color that flatters every skin tone. You might opt white or not, ut depends on you. After all, the endpoint of this article is for you to be able to come up with a idea on how to personalize your house.

From the photos and videos that you’ve saved, you need to determine if what are the colors that are dominant among the designs you collected. Choose your top three colors out of the designs that you’ve chosen. For example, you like peach, lilac, and apple green–which are all pastel colors, you need to choose between the three colors if what color should be your wall’s color, sofa, and mirror, respectively.

The formula of three colors works in any combination. Just remember, three is better than one or two, as a room done in one color is boring. You need to be very particular with the color since it could alter your feelings or attract your attention.

Personality dictates everything indirectly, the pattern we will choose, the color we will prefer in different unknown situations, the texture that we consider fit, proper, comfortable. This is one of the reasons why we need to personalize our home. It’s simply because it leads to comfortability and would help us adjust to our new home.

Don’t ever rush when it comes to planning on how your new home would look like. Take the time to plan out exactly how the room will look and feel by adhering to function, mood and personality. These are three of the important things you need to consider when it comes to planning out the right designs that are suitable for your own taste.

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