6 Easy Guide to Turn Simple House Into a Fancy Home with Velvet Fabric

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Almost everyone wishes to stay in a house that is elegant and more hotel-like. How can you do that if you don’t even have enough budget to fund the designs like what hotels have? You just a need to add these particular home decors to be able to achieve the look that you wanted: VELVET

Whenever you heard the word ‘velvet’, it would always scream class, fancy, and elegance. To some, they might recall that velvet cake or that Korean girl group that was named after the said cake. Nevertheless, that is what velvet is. It is luxurious and versatile that can create an impact on the eyes of people who will going to spot this in your house.

According to Apparel Search, Velvet is a form of textile that is woven on a special loom. It is a tufted fabric in which the cut threads are very evenly distributed, giving it its distinct feel. Velvet can be made from any fiber. These are some of the types of velvet fabric: Devore Velvet, Crushed Velvet, Plain Velvet, Velveteen, Embossed Velvet, Hammered Velvet.

Do not overdo it

Don’t put every velvet upholstery in one specific place. You can spread it all over your house to maintain the essence of class all throughout your place. Too much of this kind of fabric in one place can make the interiors in order and lack of balance in terms of design.

If your original plan was to create a velvety vibe in your living room, you can actually minimize the uses of these velvet upholsteries by focusing on the chairs and couches. Keep it monochromatic so it won’t look like you have piled up every velvet furniture in one room. Just like the sample design that you can follow below.

blue velvet sofaSource: brabbu

Add small touches

This one is a good trick for those who want to achieve the classy look but doesn’t have enough money to afford to buy the whole set of it: buy a simple velvet home decor. It might be a throw pillow or small chair cushion. You’re not necessarily required to fill your home with velvet stuff, you just need to be smart when it comes to where you should put the decor that can easily be noticeable.  

Velvet cushionsmall velvet chairSource: bloglovin | decorpad

Take the photos above as an example, they don’t have any other velvet home decors other than the pillows and the cushioned chair that were both partnered with furry fabrics. This can be a simple hack in keeping the elegance of your home without using too much velvet home accessories. The fur and the velvet is a good combination that you could consider.

Put layer of comfort

pastel velvet roomblue velvet pillowsSource: we-are-scout | sorsluxe

Layering can be used for everything, may it be on your couch and on how you will style your table. In this article, the bed will be used as the main example. As what you can observe, the first photo is messy than the second one. It’s because of the vibes that different pillows and various of velvet colors give new atmosphere to the owner.

The vibes that were given by the first one is that it’s more playful and feminine than the other one that is in order. The pattern of putting the velvet pillows are also different. The first one just puts everything on the bed and the second one seems to follow the basic style and layering of the pillows. It still depends on you if what kind of arrangement will you be using.

Try velvet wallpaper

velvet wallpaper2D velvet wallSources: homestylemom | touchedinteriors

If you have enough budget for wallpaper, this can be a good idea that can be added to your checklist. The wallpaper can add to how you want the mood of your room is like. Different designs of wallpapers can create a new set of mood that your room has before you have put up the wallpaper.

Take this, for example, if you will get the velvet wallpaper in the second photo, the bedroom will look like a  classic one, the overall look might bring boredom to other people, too. The velvet wallpaper, wallpapers in general, helps make your room look personalized. A wallpaper needs to go with any style. Since velvet is also known for its versatility, a velvet wallpaper can be a great pick among others.

Increase aesthetic value

pink velvetgreen velvetSources: theyallhateus | shopstyle

If you are the kind of person who pays attention to the aesthetics, adding velvety home decors on your simple room can add more fanciness. People who love to capture photos that can be a good addition to their Instagram feeds can benefit to this kind of upgrade.

You might ask, what are these Instagram feeds? It’s actually a millennial term that refers to how aesthetically pleasing the photos you are posting on your Instagram account. How can this be connected to the velvet design of your home? It will be easier for you to capture photos and to take great shots if you have a perfect place as your subject.  

Choose the right fabric

There are many kinds of velvet fabric that you can choose from. The usage of these fabrics depends on the mood that you want to showcase on your home. These fabrics also have different prices that could help you in choosing what type of velvet upholstery is good for your budget, without sacrificing the design that you are planning to have.

Silk velvet

blue silkSources: westelm 

Silk velvet is considered as the most elegant fabric. A cloth that is 100% silk velvet can be very expensive. It is a mix of rayon, which is an artificial silk, and silk.

Linen velvet

yellow linen velvetSource: 1stdibs

This type of fabric is popular in places that have warmer climates. Linen velvet has a dry look that is much similar to matte. Linen velvet is great for upholstery, cushions, and curtains that look heavy in appearance.

Cotton velvet

cotton velvetSources: templeandwebster

This is also called as velveteen, which is an imitation of velvet that is made of cotton. It is considered as the durable and strongest type out of other velvet fabrics.

Mohair velvet

mohair velvetSources: lopificio 

The combination of mohair and velvet fabric. It’s basically a mohair fabric and the velvet only serve as the finishing touch which made it as mohair velvet. With this type of fabric, it’s like you’re having a two fabric in one furniture: mohair’s high-quality look and velvet’s classy feel.

Synthetic velvet

synthetic velvetSources: tictail

This is the kind of velvet fabric that is less prone to defects than other fabrics. They don’t easily fade but you can differentiate them from the natural versions since they don’t possess the same depth of colors and look.  

Cut velvet

cut velvetSources: silk-drapes

Cut velvet is a fabric but not considered as a specific fiber. It is like c cutout version of the velvet that was compiled to create a pattern. There is no particular design to be used as a pattern and it still depends on the owner if what kind of patterns they would choose.

In choosing the kind of fabric, you need to consider the usage of the furniture. You can use the silk or cotton velvet if the home decoration is just going to be used lightly. Choose mohair velvet if you anticipate a lot of use.

When it comes to cleaning it, you need to make sure that you have followed the instructions given by the manufacturer and don’t just follow the hacks that can be watched online. There are different kinds of velvet fabric and in every fabric, there is a corresponding way of cleaning and maintaining it.   

Velvet is indeed a great home decor if you want to make your home classier but there are a lot of things that you need to do to maintain it and to keep it in its proper form. According to an article entitled: Upholstery Fabric Types: Velvet Furniture, after you have decided that you would go with velvet furniture pieces, select a good fabric that will hold up to its expected use.

Featured image source above: myamazingthings

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