5 Benefits of Single-Storey Home in Modern World

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5 Benefits of Single-Storey Home in Modern World

With the privilege of freedom comes the decision to build your own house. And that independence is building your dream home. May it be single-storey home or not. You can start researching for house and land packages in Perth and you will definitely find the one for you.

You will have the power to pick everything for your home. From the size of the block to the colour of the walls. You will also choose your own style, creativity, and comfortable elements. Of course, as long as it fits within your budget. Creating a luxurious home is really a dream come true.

But the thing is, you are torn between one-storey and two-storey house. As a child, we always love the idea of a double-storey home. That is because we got more room to explore and to escape. But as we grow up, we realized that choosing the right home requires practicability than all fun.

So how do you decide if a one-storey house is better than a two-storey investment? Your choice will actually focus more on the location, the local real estate market and the nature of the budget and layout.

A single-storey home with less floor space than a double-storey home is the most obvious benefit. The amazing thing about Home Builders Perth is getting all the benefits of living on a single floor

Your new home should resonate and meet your needs. Aesthetically speaking and its function as well.

6 Benefits of Single-Storey Home that You Should Consider

  1. Growing with Your Single-Storey Home

Growing with Your Single-Storey Home

Single-storey homes are dominated by one thing from the beginning. And it’s accessibility. 

When your family grows, you may need easier access for mobility-related household members or the elderly. Young kids do better with a single-story design as well. You will be able to access all areas of your home without a ladder with a single-story home plan.

  1. Open living Modern Home

Open living Modern Home

Part of the appeal of modern homes is the sense of open space. It is actually trendy these days. Well-designed single-story homes welcome you to an open space. Like a family or living area where most household operation is accommodated. 

The need for open space can be accomplished by using clever design methods, no matter how small the space is.

Older homes have sealed-off rooms with walls. But modern single-story home plans are often built to combine these three areas into one wide open space.

Vaulted ceilings and large windows have priority here. In order to create a beautiful and relaxing environment where the whole family would obviously want to meet.

  1. Child-friendly Single-Storey Home

Buying a new home is often a consideration in your family’s rising needs.

Single-storey homes ignore the need to keep kids away from the stairs. Or the gaps created around them that can pose a risk of injury to small kids.

Keeping all living spaces on one floor ensures safety. That when children are playing for a long period of time, they are within easier reach.

  1. Lower Maintenance Costs

Single-storey homes are generally less complex (and expensive) to maintain. You also need to consider the cost of heating and cooling your home. With single-storey home, there will be less rooms and only having to heat or cool one level.

Also, painting a stairwell will cost you much. Same with the blown-out light bulb from the staircase and window cleaning. Maintenance is generally easier with a single storey home. These tasks can be done by yourself.

  1. Energy Efficiency

Double-storey houses may need separate areas. And that requires more complex systems to fly with extra heating and cooling. There is less variation in single-storey homes and therefore less expense. Energy in a double-storey home has to rise higher, which in the warmer months requires further cooling systems.

Single storage designs are more energy-efficient. And it tend to have more access to natural light and ventilation. This actually ensures that you can save a lot in your power bills.

Heating a single-story house plan is simpler. Most typical single-story house plans feature a shared central living area. It is the place whereby there are more private rooms such as bedrooms and offices. Heated and cooled air naturally flows through such a design. In contrast, multiple story house plans require more complex (and more costly) HVAC systems.

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