13 Customized Bunk Bed Ideas to Redesign Your Kid’s Room

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If your kids keep on bugging you that they don’t want to share rooms with their other siblings anymore, maybe they’re just sick of the usual design of the double deck bed you’ve purchased. In some cases, their things are slowly starting to multiply and there’s no more enough space inside their room. As a parent, what are you going to do?

Would you start cleaning the storage room to make it as the new room? But, the problem that may occur is that, what if no one wants to transfer in a room that used to be a storage room?  

Here are some of the idea that you might want to consider when it comes to redesigning your children’s room:

Simple double-decker

If you don’t have enough budget to buy a new bed, you can focus on the design of the bed. You can retain the old bed and put some stuff toys so it won’t look dull. Also, play with colors that are attractive to the eye of your kids.

double-decker bed
Sources: idolza | bedextra.faabsolutions

Hanging bunk beds

The bed is literally hanging from the ceiling. You need to make sure that the rope is as strong as the wood used in making the bed. The first design is usually called as “Moroccan style”. The other one hangs on the wall instead of on the ceiling.

Sources: decorpad | sherwin-williams

Double deck for

If you know that your kids or teenage children want a simple design for their beds, you can choose this kind of style. Choose the colors that best suit their personality, most especially to growing up teens.

minimalist bedblack wooden bedSources: bloglovin | ruchidesigns

Multiple bunk beds

This kind of bed is used if you have more than two kids and they prefer to have separate beds. Having much bed in one room can make the room look more like a dormitory than a bedroom. Arrange the two double decks–depends on your style–on one side and never scatter it all over the room. Make it look like the photos below.

Sources: memorabledecor | lizareyes

Bed over queen platform beds

This type is a combination of the normal-sized bed and queen-sized in a double deck. You will notice that the queen size was the small one. That’s why it’s called “bed over queen” platform beds.

Sources: finelymadefurniture | potterybarnkids

Multi-functional bunk beds

If the space at your home is a bit narrow, this is an ideal furniture that you may want to buy. Since it can maximize the space of your room. It’s convenient to use especially if there are too many pieces of furniture inside the room of your kids. Most, especially if they’re sharing with their siblings. This will space up the room and won’t look like a mess

multifunctional bedpullout couch bedSource: mymodernmet | eem15

Playroom double deckers

A bedroom and playroom rolled in one? Yes, it’s possible. All you have to do is to be creative enough when it comes to designing the bed for your kids. Don’t just go to the extremes that your child might end up hurting himself/herself.

 playroom bedPlaybedSource: valuecitynj | donalds

Bed over table desk bunk beds

If your kids already start going to school, this can be your option. You can also save enough space if you will going to pick this as their bed. This can also be a good hack if ever one of your kids doesn’t like to turn on the lights when sleeping but their sibling is still doing her homework. The former will only see the littlest amount of light since the lamp was underneath her.

bed over tablebed with deskSource: kidsomania | bedroomdesigncatalog

Bunk bed over sofa

If your kid’s room is small enough to accommodate larger furniture, you can maximize the space if you will elevate the beds to create a space for the sofa.

bed over sofachair bed couch Source: minimalisthomedezine | click4beds

Bed under the double deck

Sometimes, you have an unexpected guest. It’s not proper that the other sibling will share the bed with the other sibling. Since the reason why you opted to choose bunk beds or double deck is they no longer want to share the same bed. It will be better if you will add an extra bed underneath the queen-sized bed.

bed for teensBed under the double deckSource: decorunits

Bunk bed in a car

If your child aims to own a car someday but they kept on talking about how he or she loves to at least own a car where they can go on for a ride. The beds in the photos below can be a great addition to their cars or even train collection.

volkswagen bedtrain bedSource: funfurniturecollection | alibaba

Castle-like bunk bed

Almost all of the girls would love to have this kind of concept in their room. After all, who doesn’t want to be like Rapunzel, Aurora, or Ariel, right? Your girl will probably get excited once she could lay her eyes on this bunk bed.

castle-like bedcastle bunk bedSource: bed-bath-and-more | iussi2016

Treehousebunk beds

The boys would definitely like this idea. If you think that it’s dangerous to build a tree house outside your home, this is a good news for the parents like you and for your kids who want to be like Tarzan and experience what it is like to live in a tree house.

tree house bedtwin bunk bedSource: hookedonhouses | potterybarnkids

From all the bunk beds that were mentioned, how will you be able to know that it’s the bed that your kid wants? Besides the likeability of the child, you should also need to consider the type of materials used in the mattresses and pillows of your child. Your kids should be comfortable with it and you must make sure that their bed won’t affect how they sleep.

After you have set up the customized bunk beds, you need to make sure that the mattress that you are using will not interrupt the sleep of your kid. If your child had a good sleep, this will affect her performance at school. They will be more engaged in class participation and will no longer feel sleepy during nonproductive hours.


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