The Benefits of Brand Association

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A consumer does not simply purchase a well-known brand. He seeks to replace the brand or product with something else in his mind. Brand association is the association of a brand with a customer that results in a mental picture of the product in the customer’s mind. 

The primary goal of brand association is to create a brand that customers associate with positive qualities. The brand association aids in the creation of value and awareness. It’s a way for companies to inform customers about their product’s quality.

It is widely accepted that visual interactions are the primary cause of brand associations. Sensory experiences that correspond to more than two-thirds of stimuli enter the brain and trigger thoughts, allowing an individual to associate a product or a brand with a mental image.

Taste, sound, and smell are responsible for the remaining one-third of the factor. When a customer is familiar with a brand, he develops an emotional bond with it, and any shift in the brand will affect the customer’s emotions in either a positive or negative way.

A brand association is a mental connection between two things in the eyes of a consumer. As a result, brand associations can influence buying decisions. Furthermore, brand partnerships have the potential to affect product differentiation and customer satisfaction.

Brand associations, on the other hand, are an essential part of developing a brand identity. And we’ve got five brand strategy examples to show how important a brand association is to a company.

5 Benefits of A Brand Association

  1. Association based on attributes

The physical elements or external attributes of the product are used in what we call the attribute-based brand association. This category includes pricing, packaging, quality, and appearance. 

The company heavily promotes and stands out from the competition because of these attributes. As a result, consumers are more likely to remember the brand and compare it with the product on the market, giving them an advantage in making a purchase decision. motes and stands out from the competition because of these features or attributes. 

Many products are associated because of the large discounts they provided. The taglines can also be an attribute that helps to promote the brand. The specifics are described in such a way that consumers will identify the brand with its primary characteristics and form a long-term mental relationship with it. Customers identify and recall the specific brand quality even years after this login was popularized in the market if the brand association is effective.

  1. Brand Association based on benefit

This is the product’s or brand’s benefit that attracts consumers. These benefits may be practical, relating to a particular product or service, or experimental, defining consumer emotions when using the product or service.

The industry of cosmetics heavily relies on association based on benefits. An example would be an easy-to-use makeup product that will entice consumers who are more likely to be women than men. Benefits may be symbolic in value, such as a brand that assists consumers in achieving a social purpose.

Even though commercials and product placements play a significant role in this decision-making, a significant portion of it is often influenced by the customer’s mood at the time, and although the former is under the control of the companies, the latter is beyond their control.

  1. Attitudes based Brand Association

Customers determine brand attitudes after conducting an overall evaluation of the brand. These attitudes may be attributed to a particular lifestyle, such as being physically active, being environmentally conscious, or being a sports or entertainment celebrity. This connection is a little obscure, but it’s mainly associated with product features, such as benefits.

  1. Brand Association by interest

Many businesses use interest as an association element with their clients. It is the most fundamental criterion that is used and appeals to the customers’ intelligence or consciousness. The company’s primary goal is to create curiosity in the minds of customers and place the brand accordingly, implying that the brand is appealing to them.

Celebrity endorsements or filming scenes in which the lead actor uses a specific product out of curiosity will help to build the connection between the potential buyer and the product. For example, in a movie, a writer will drink Starbucks coffee, associating Starbucks with productivity and innovation in the customer’s mind.

  1. Brand association by celebrity

This is the most popular form of product promotion brand association. The picture of a celebrity is used to drive goods into the minds of customers, resulting in increased sales. Celebrities are carefully chosen to be associated with a specific brand.

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